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Censor Board gives U/A certificate to ‘OMG 2’ trailer, Akshay’s look may change


Only 11 days are left to release the film ‘Oh My God 2’. But till now the film has not been given the certificate from the censor board. The rounds of meetings between the makers and the CBFC are on, while August 11 is the film’s release date. Meanwhile, there is news that the Central Board of Film Certification has allowed the trailer of ‘OMG 2’ to be released with a U/A certificate, but also advised to change Akshay Kumar‘s character i.e. Lord Shiva’s avatar in the film.

The revising committee of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) had called the Akshay Kumar starrer film controversial. Still, now it is reported that the film’s trailer has been allowed to release with a U/A certificate. The censor board has also advised changing Akshay Kumar’s character, i.e., Lord Shiva’s avatar in the film.

The trailer of ‘OMG 2’ will be released a week before the release date of the film. The film teaser is already being shown in theatres. However, in the teaser as well, it is now being written ‘Certificate is yet to be received’. Earlier it was reported that the censor board is ready to give an A certificate to the film, but along with it, 20 cuts have also been imposed. Whereas now there is news that CBFC has objected to Akshay Kumar’s character of ‘Lord Shiva’ in the film and has demanded to change this character itself.

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