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Coke Studio season 15 releases “blockbuster”


Coke Studio announces the release of the seventh song from Season 15, “Blockbuster,” an anthem bursting with Pakistani pride. Featuring the electrifying duo of Faris Shafi and Umair Butt (of Butt Brothers), the song also features for the first time, the all-women folk ensemble, Gharwi Group [Abida, Rooha Rawal, Sajida Bibi & Saba Hassan], who bring their vibrant Rajasthani heritage to the forefront to celebrate the bold spirit and cultural richness of Pakistan.

Faris Shafi has grown to become a luminary in Pakistan’s rap scene, known for his profound storytelling and rhythmic lyricism. His rap style blends social commentary with musical allure, resonating with audiences worldwide. Umair Buttshines is a vocalist in the Butt Brothers duo. His musical delivery reflects a rich tapestry of classical and Punjabi folk, creating a unique blend of authenticity and swagger. Gharwi Grouphailsfrom the famed Gharwi Mohalla, home to iconic artists such as Naseebo Lal and Reshma are custodians of a rich musical legacy, expressed with soulful sincerity.

For, “Blockbuster” they all come together as collaborators for a song that bursts with the energy, friendship, and swag of a Pakistani Mohalla (neighborhood), vividly brought to life under the vision of Season 15 Producer and Curator, Xulfi.

A Cinematic Spectacle, the song, co-written by Xulfi, Faris, and Umair, is brought to sensational scope by seasoned Coke Studio Director, Zeeshan Parwez. Shot in a single take, “Blockbuster” tells a story set in a panoramic cinemascope, celebrating collective cultural identity with an unabashed flourish. The meticulous work of Art Director Mariyam Ali, Producer Shahrukh Kazim, and Cinematographer Ahsan Raza brings the song’s energy to life.

“Blockbuster” is a story about celebrating collective identity. The song follows Faris Shafi and Umair Butt as they navigate the vibrant chaos of a typical Mohalla, complete with heavy traffic, pedestrian hustle, and roadside businesses, each gathering their entourage to celebrate a momentous occasion. The entire community joins in the celebrations, representing the spirit of camaraderie and togetherness that defines Pakistan.

While “Blockbuster” celebrates unity, it also highlights the power of individual dreams. In the song, both Umair and Faris speak to the heart of the nation, urging every age group to believe in themselves and own their stardom.

The song also features two dance sequences choreographed by the Norwegian urban dance group Quick Style, adding a dynamic flair. Passengers perform electrifying moves aboard a bus with Faris on board, while the Gharwi Group infuse a provincial texture to the song, with their unique soul and style, one carried forward from their ancestors of the Rajasthan Desert. Their sound, both plaintive and exuberant, provides a pillar of solidarity with the past and tradition.

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