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Arts Council pays tribute to Sultana Siddiqui for her excellence in the media Industry


The Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi’s event to honor Sultana Siddiqui was a grand affair, celebrating her remarkable contributions spanning 50 years in showbiz and social services. The ceremony featured a host of distinguished speakers who shared their heartfelt tributes and anecdotes about Siddiqui’s influence and character.

Anwar Maqsood, the renowned intellectual and humorist, kicked off the event with a humorous reference to Ghalib’s use of the word “Hum,” playfully attributing it to the collective efforts of Momina, Duraid, and Sultana Siddiqui. President of the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, Mohammad Ahmed Shah, expressed gratitude to the attendees and praised Siddiqui for her tireless dedication and cheerful spirit, likening her to an “18-year-old naughty girl.”


Actress Mahira Khan spoke warmly about Siddiqui, highlighting her ability to achieve any goal she sets her mind to and noting Siddiqui’s unique gesture of naming her business after her daughters-in-law. Actor Humayun Saeed credited Siddiqui for playing a pivotal role in his career and the success of their dramas.

Noor-ul-Huda Shah described Siddiqui as a nurturing figure, likening her friendship to a sheltering tree and noting the profound lessons she has learned from Siddiqui’s life experiences. Bushra Ansari praised Siddiqui’s unwavering friendship and relentless dedication to her work.

Khushbakht Shujaat emphasized Siddiqui’s sincerity and spoke about her unwavering positivity and lack of ill will towards anyone, despite her immense success. Adnan Siddiqui shared a personal note, expressing how Siddiqui filled a void in his life after his mother’s early passing and praising her unprecedented achievements.


Mehtab Akbar Rashdi hailed Siddiqui as a winner in all aspects of life, while Asif Raza Mir called her an inspiration for generations and a leading figure in the industry. Khalid Anam expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to work with Siddiqui, highlighting her unique position in the industry. Aijaz Aslam praised Siddiqui’s trailblazing approach to both her personal and professional life.

Anis Haroon reminisced about Siddiqui’s impactful early work at PTV, reflecting on her contributions to the industry. Finally, Sultana Siddiqui herself expressed gratitude for the tribute, thanking the Arts Council and Ahmed Shah for the recognition during her lifetime and reflecting on the value of her life’s work.

Overall, the event celebrated Sultana Siddiqui’s lifetime achievement with eloquence, humor, and profound gratitude from all those whose lives she has touched and influenced.

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