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Zindagi Unveils the Intriguing Trailer of ‘Abdullahpur Ka Devdas’ with a Stellar Cast and Mesmerizing Soundtrack


The much-awaited trailer for ‘Abdullahpur Ka Devdas’ is finally here, offering a glimpse into the modern rendition of the classic Devdas saga. Starring Bilal Abbas Khan and Sarah Khan in the lead roles, the trailer sets the stage for an engaging narrative filled with love, drama, and poetic charm.

The trailer introduces viewers to the fascinating onscreen chemistry between Bilal Abbas Khan as Fakhar and Sarah Khan as Gulbano. Against the backdrop of the hummable soundtrack ‘Biba SadaDilMorr De, that already had fans anxiously counting the days, the storyline unfolds, revealing a love triangle involving Fakhar, Kashif (Raza Talish), and the mysterious Gulbano.

Directed by Anjum Shahzad, produced by Shailja Kejriwal and scripted by Shahid Dogar, ‘Abdullahpur Ka Devdas’ promises to be a visual and melodic treat. The cast includes Naumaan Ijaz, SrhaAsgr,Savera Nadeem, Saad Qureshi, Ali Ansari, and other seasoned actors, each contributing to the rich tapestry of this modern interpretation.

The trailer maps the story of 2 young friends in love with the same woman. Fakhar and Kashif are both in love with Gulbano. But does she know who’s the real Devdas?

The trailer takes viewers on a full-scale journey through a supposedly tragic love story. With Devdas in the title, one would expect tragedy to strike anytime. Misunderstandings and misplaced identities seem to form the crux of the story, yet one is still curious to know the eventual outcome.

Will Fakhar finally get his Gulbano and will she realize the true identity of the poet whose words and thoughts she is unknowingly in love with? Will the story wrap up in true Devdas style or give audiences a surprise by tying up Devdas’ chronicles in an unexpected happy note?

The drama is not only a visual spectacle but also offers a soul-stirring soundtrack. Tracks like ‘Oh Sahib’ by Adnan Dhool, Zain & Zohaib, with lyrics by Asim Raza, enrich the storytelling experience. Zindagi is actively exploring avenues to bring ‘Abdullahpur Ka Devdas’ to the Pakistani audience, engaging in discussions with various platforms.

Abdullahpur Ka Devdas is a modern twist to the age-old tale. But will the ending be the same-old or give us a modern take on the Devdas narrative? Fans are super-excited and wait for February 26th to step inside a story that promises drama, emotions and a tale that will take fans on a journey of love, loss or perhaps, triumph?

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