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Udham Patakh announced to be released on December 10


With the opening of cinemas across Pakistan, the screening of new films has started. In order to revive the color of cinemas, on the one hand, the prospects of showing foreign Punjabi films are bright, on the other hand, preparations are underway to screen many Pakistani films.

Director Nabil Qureshi’s film ‘Khel Khel Mein’ is being screened on November 19 and is being distributed by Eveready Pictures. Director Javed Ahmed’s ‘Sheenogai’ will be released very next week on 26th November. The film is being screened under the banner of Metro Live Movies. The same company’s horror-comedy film ‘Udham Patkh’ has been announced for release on December 10. Both films are produced by Javed Ahmed.

Official Poster

Udham Patakh is a horror-comedy movie starring Faizan Sheikh, Hira Omar, Ali Rizvi, Shabana Hassan, Taha Humayun, Aamir Yameen, Ayesha Faraz, Imran Sono, and Younas Khan.
The fact is that OTT platforms or home theaters can never be a substitute for the traditional cinematic atmosphere. Production of films continued despite the closure of cinemas during the lockdown and filmmakers are hopeful that the colors of our cinemas will soon be restored, as exemplified by the box office business of new films in many countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom.
Udham Patakh is a Hollywood-style horror comedy film whose trailer garnered attention as soon as it was released on social media. Interesting comments from social media users have also surfaced on some of the film’s comedy dialogues.

The story of Udham Patakh revolves around the world of zombies. Hashmat is a middle-aged program director with a cowardly, quirky, mean, and selfish nature. For a private TV channel, he does a program called “The one who was scared died.” He visits a haunted place every week and does a documentary program about it. Hashmat’s team has his host Nabila who is a very beautiful young girl. Hashmat has made her a host because of her beauty. Hashmat’s associate director is a serious girl named Shaista. Shaista is a very bold and outspoken girl. She usually wears a thin T-shirt and jeans but no one can tamper with her. Hashmat is also afraid of him because of his rudeness. Hashmat’s wife Sehar is a skeptical woman. Hashmat lured her to make heroin in movies and married her, but that movie never came to fruition. Hashmat travels with his team to a farmhouse adjacent to the dense forest off the highway to record the program. Suddenly the crew members become zombies one by one. Then the one they bite also becomes a zombie. How Hashmat, Ashfaq, Nabila, Shaista, Sehar, etc. deal with the attack of zombies, all are shown in a very interesting way.
KK Films production’s Udham Patakh is being released in cinemas across the country from December 10 under the banner of Metro Live Movies.

Official Trailer of Udham Patakh

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