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Pakistani action movie Sheenogai will hit cinemas on November 26


With the lifting of the lockdown ban due to Corona in Pakistan and the announcement of the opening of cinemas, announcements for the screening of new films have started coming to the fore. Although the screening of English films started on October 22 with the opening of cinemas across Pakistan, the screening of Pakistani films is starting from November 19 with the release of director Nabil Qureshi’s movie “Khel Khel Mein”. A week later, on November 26, Director Javed Ahmed’s “Sheenogai” exhibition was announced.
Sheenogai, an action-adventure film made under the banner of Metro Live Movies and Zammy’s Productions, is a low-cost, standard film that could set the trend for low-budget films if successful at the box office.
Sheenogai, starring stunt biker Marina Syed, is making her debut. Filmed in the beautiful coastal areas of Balochistan, Sheenogai, is written by Abida Ahmed and directed by Javed Ahmed.

Inspired by the public reaction after the Lahore Motorway rape case, the title of the revenge thriller film Sheenogai has been taken from the Pashto language which means ‘girl with green eyes.
Talking about the theme of the film, Abida Ahmad, a well-known playwright from Zammy’s Productions, said, “When the motorway rape tragedy happened and the kind of negative reaction I saw on social media after that tragedy, I felt like A film should be made on this subject in which it should be shown that if any girl or woman goes out of the house alone for any reason, it is not a license to rape anyone.”

For the casting of Sheenogai, the director held auditions at the Arts Council Karachi and selected three great actors who have never faced the camera before. Marina Syed, an Afghan-born motorbike player, was cast in the lead role. A one-month acting training course was designed for Marina, followed by two more weeks of rehearsals, after which filming began.

According to the film’s producer Abida Ahmed, this kind of work was done before the shooting of films in the ’70s and ’80s. I am glad that the director died so much for Sheenogai.
Abida Ahmed said that we aim to make films on good and burning topics with less capital because people are tired of watching spice films, they want to see new topics and new faces. Only time will tell how successful Sheenogai is in this endeavor, but at the moment Sheenogai is the lowest-budget film in Pakistan.

“This movie is very close to my heart,” said Marina Syed, the heroine of Sheenogai. “The movie will do the same thing that I do in real life. I like action and this movie has action, adventure, thrill, everything.”
Sheenogai is being released nationwide on November 26, 2021, under the banner of Metro Live Movies.

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