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UAE govt grants prestigious ‘golden visa’ to veteran actor Khalid Bin Shaheen


Khalid Bin Shaheen, a distinguished veteran actor, has been granted the prestigious Golden Visa of the UAE by the concerned authorities. The UAE government offers these visas to individuals who demonstrate exceptional performance in various fields, including doctors, actors, producers, and senior bankers, among others. The Golden Visa, valid for 10 years, is awarded after a thorough assessment of their expertise and extensive experience in their respective fields.

Dr. Khalid Bin Shaheen boasts an impressive portfolio with over 35 serials and long plays on TV, in addition to his role as a senior banker and Arabic-English interpreter for visiting heads of state and royal dignitaries from the Arab world. Notably, he had the honor of serving as an interpreter during the visit of Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum, the former ruler of Dubai, to the HBL head office in Pakistan. Having accumulated over 30 years of showbiz experience, Dr.

During Pakistan’s visit of Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum, the former ruler of Dubai

Khalid Bin Shaheen also played a major role in the Zee TV serial/soap “Dastan” during the late nineties. The series, directed by the renowned Indian director Farooq  Masoodi, beautifully showcased Dubai and Sharjah. Dr. Shaheen appeared in more than 133 episodes of this TV soap.

Expressing his deep gratitude, Mr. Shaheen conveyed his immense appreciation to the Dubai authorities for bestowing him with such a prestigious honor.

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