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The release of Maula Jatt in India could have destroyed the business of Shah Rukh’s Pathan, Khalid Bin Shaheen


Had the Pakistani film The Legend of Maula Jatt been allowed to release in India, the film could have affected the box office business of Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan. This is the reason why the film was not allowed to be released in India even after getting the censor certificate. These views were expressed by Chairman Sindh Film Censors Board Khalid Bin Shaheen while giving an interview with Radio Channel FM 100. He said that when he saw The Legend of Maula Jatt during the Censor Show, he knew that this film would make Pakistan famous worldwide. The film is technically strong enough to compete with any Indian film and I witnessed it in action when I was in America for the last few days. When I went to the local cinema to watch The Legend of Maula Jatt with some family members, I saw that two screens were showing new Indian films, there were only a few people in it but the shows of The Legend of Maula Jatt were full. It was heartening to see that there is still life in our film industry. Our filmmakers have potential and can prove themselves when given opportunities.

Referring to The Legend of Maula Jatt, he further said that a successful film does not necessarily have songs in it. Despite the lack of songs, the film’s success proved that audiences loved the content. It is also not necessary that the heroine should be scantily clad. Countless films failed to succeed despite showing all this.

Regarding the censor permission for the film Joyland, he said that although the Punjab Board did not pass the film, Islamabad and Sindh allowed the film to be screened after cutting objectionable scenes because they do not want Someone to put so much effort into making a film and we stopped it from going to the audience for no reason. However, we have certain social and moral boundaries that cannot be allowed to be crossed.

In a detailed interview with FM 100’s popular presenter Ajmal Khan Shoobi, Khalid Bin Shaheen also shared memories related to his banking career, first TV drama Anarkali, successful serial Ba Adab Ba Mulahiza Hoshiyar, and Zee TV serial Dastaan. He said that till now he has acted in more than 22 serials while also doing an international film, Rahguzer. He was accompanied by Bollywood actor Jimmy Sher Gill.

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