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Shaikh Amjad Rasheed elects unopposed as Chairman Pakistan Film Producers Association


Pakistan Film Producers Association General Council Meeting was held in a local hotel in Lahore on 24th September 2021. The agenda was to select the core committee which can act like a responsible body in order to streamline the build-up of the film industry of Pakistan. ‘Mr. Shaikh Amjad Rasheed’ was selected unanimously as the Chairman of this very committee, along with him a competent team was also elected. The core team comprises Mr. Safdar Malik (Senior Vice-Chairman), Ms. Momina Duraid (Vice-Chairperson), Madam Sangeeta (Special Seat Reserve), Executive Members consist of Mr. Mohd. Younus, Mr. Nadeem Mandviwalla, Ms. Parveen Sangeeta, Mr. M. Akram, Mr. Tariq Mangro, Mr. Idrees A Siddique, Mr. Mohd. Khalid Iqbal and Mr. Abid Rasheed. Renowned journalist Mr. Mubashir Luqman took the oath from the newly elected committee.

The other respective participants were Mr. Syed Noor, Shan Shahid, Mr. Faisal Buhkari, Mr. Ijaz Kamran, Mr. Pervaiz Kaleem, Mr. Shiekh Akram, Mr. Sohail Malik, Mr. Raheel Malik, and Mr. Shehzad Rafique.

The respective newly elected Chairman PFPA ‘Mr. Shaikh Amjad Rasheed’ in his speech thanked everyone for giving him this opportunity yet again and committed to delivering the best of his services in taking the PFPA to the next level approaching the height it deserves. He mentioned that although the film policy has already been developed but due to PM. Imran Khan’s busy schedule, the PM. has not been able to give us quality time. He also conveyed the timelines of announcing the film policy by 15th October 2021. He showed his serious concerns on the reopening of the cinemas since this is the only way of getting on track. He asked the Govt. to ensure and sort out a practical plan of recouping the producers’ amount which has been stuck for now a very long time.

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