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Pakistan’s Arts Council Karachi will kick off the 2023 theatre festival on September 8th.


Pakistan Theatre Festival 2023, organized by the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, will feature 45 shows by 34 theatre groups including 7 international groups. President ACP Muhammad Ahmed Shah, well-known director Munawar Saeed, and actor Sajid Hassan announced the festival during a press conference.

Arts Council of Pakistan’s President Muhammad Ahmad Shah announced the biggest theater festival in Pakistan with theater groups from seven countries participating. The festival will showcase performances in Urdu, English, Sindhi, Punjabi, and Persian languages. The council promotes art and culture at the urban level and has organized successful festivals including the International Urdu Conference, Pakistan Literature Festival, and Youth Festival with the help of media. To introduce a new brand, the council is hosting the “Pakistan Theater Festival” which includes many workshops and emphasis on including theater in the curriculum.

Director and actor Munawar Saeed stated that the Pakistan Theater Festival was a great success for Ahmed Shah and Sajid Hasan. He believes that the festival will bring back the mood of theater, which includes drama, singing, and group dance. Saeed himself performed in the theater and mentioned that for a long time, using a microphone on stage was not allowed. However, he underwent voice training to improve his projection. He continues to share this experience with his children.

Actor Sajid Hasan stated that despite the situation in Pakistan, Ahmed Shah’s journey with the successful theater festival is a big achievement. He is proud to be part of the team that used to dream in their youth. Pakistan is a very enlightened country and this theater promotes all these things. International cooperation is crucial, and Ahmed Shah has taken this great step.

Pakistan Theater Festival features a variety of shows, including both plays and dance performances from countries like Sri Lanka and Iran. Some of the shows include Patriot & Abdullah, Through The Waves, The Police, Kanya, Biwi Ho Toh Apni, Taleem-e-Balighan, Trashedy, Both Sit In, One Night Stand Up, The Bobbles, Anhi Mai Da Sufna, Kaun Hai Yeh Gustakh, Insha Ka Intezaar, Saazish Ki Wajah Se Khel Multavi, Ken B Eniwan’s Story, Barsaat, Social Pagal, The Father, Gadha Mandi, Chandravati, Say No!, Nocturnal, Art Aur Aata, Ikhtiyar, Anarkali Se Aagay, Fareb, Sham Bhi Thi, Shab Bakhair Maa, Ek Yaad, Zeest, The Finest Cutter, Love@70, PirAchy Aur Mir Baqar Ali, and Turkiye Theatre. Tickets for the festival are Rs 1,000 for the general public, with a 50% discount available for Arts Council members.

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