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A dinner hosted by the Sindh Board of Film Censors for the well-known actor & Chairman SBFC Khalid Bin Shaheen receiving the Tamgha e Imtiaz


Renowned Actor, Producer, and Chairman Film Censor Board Sindh Mr. Khalid Bin Shaheen has recently been honored with Tamgha e Imtiaz (medal of distinction) by the Government of Pakistan. In this celebration, a special dinner was organized by friends in his honor in which Secretary of Culture, Tourism, Antique, and Archives Mr. Abdul Aleem Lashari was invited as the chief guest. Several distinguished guests attended the event, including Mr. Azhar Ali Farooqui (former IG Sindh and ex DG NAB Sindh), Mr. Asad Ashraf Malik (former Chief Ombudsman Sindh and CCPO Karachi), Brigadier Moin Iqbal (ISPR Spokesperson), Mr. Satish Chand Anand (Senior Film Producer and Distributor), DG Library Sindh Mr. Ejaz Shaikh, General Manager PTV Mr. Amjad Ali Shah, Director Culture Mr. Habibullah Memon. Director of Pakistan Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management Mr. Hidayatullah Rajar, Section Law Officer Sindh Mr. Shafqat Ali Lark, Vice Chairman Sindh Film Censor Board Mr. Sachal Sheikh, Secretary Sindh Film Censor Board Mr. Adil Ahmed, Senior Journalist and Member Sindh Film Censor Board Umar Khitab Khan and senior actor Mr. Sharafat Ali Shah attended the dinner and congratulated Mr. Khalid Bin Shaheen on being conferred with the highest civilian honor Tagha e Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan.

During the event, Mr. Farooqui, Mr. Malik, and Brigadier Moin Iqbal praised Mr. Khalid Bin Shaheen for his qualities of sincerity, humility, and supportiveness. They emphasized his positive impact on the people around him.

Mr. Khalid Bin Shaheen’s contributions to the banking and drama production sectors, as well as his individuality in acting, were acknowledged by Mr. Sachal Sheikh.

Mr. Satish Chand Anand commended the performance of the Sindh Film Censor Board under Mr. Khalid Bin Shaheen’s chairmanship, highlighting its support for filmmakers and adherence to global trends and standards.

Mr. Abdul Aleem Lashari, Secretary of Culture, Tourism, and Archives, praised Mr. Khalid Bin Shaheen’s amiable personality, philanthropic nature, and commendable performance of the Film Censor Board during his chairmanship.

In his speech, Mr. Khalid Bin Shaheen thanked his friends for their support and tributes. He attributed his success to the prayers of his parents and the motivation provided by good friends. He also expressed his gratitude to Mr. Azhar Ali Farooqui and Mr. Abdul Aleem Lashari for their efforts in securing the honor. Mr. Khalid Bin Shaheen recognized Mr. Abdul Aleem Lashari’s efforts in getting the allowances of Sindh Censor Board members approved a pending matter for ten years.

After the dinner, the guests presented awards and bouquets to Mr. Khalid Bin Shaheen, and he, in turn, presented gifts, bouquets, a Sindhi cap, and a watch to Secretary Culture Abdul Aleem Lashari in appreciation of his services.

This event was a heartfelt celebration of Mr. Khalid Bin Shaheen’s achievements and contributions to the film industry and society, and it showcased the respect and admiration he has earned from his peers and colleagues.

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