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Miss Marvel’s disappointing business in Pakistani cinemas


Pakistani fans of comic books and superheroes have been waiting for the release of ‘Miss Marvel’ for a long time. For the first time in the series, a Pakistani character has been portrayed as a superhero, but unfortunately, the series did not get that acclaim in Pakistan, which was expected.

Marvel Studios released the web series ‘Miss Marvel’ based on the first Muslim and Pakistani superhero ‘Kamala Khan’ worldwide on June 8 from the platform of Disney Plus and it was decided to show it in Pakistani cinemas in three parts. However, the experience of showing the first two episodes of Miss Marvel together in theatres on June 17 failed miserably. Apart from the regular movie fans, Marvel fans also did not watch this movie. Film analysts have also called the release of four more episodes of Miss Marvel in cinemas in the weeks following the failure risk.
The third and fourth episodes of the series will be shown in cinemas on July 1, while the fifth and sixth episodes of Miss Marvel will be released on July 15 during the Eid holidays.

This image released by Disney+ shows Iman Vellani in a scene from the series “Ms Marvel.” (Disney+ via AP)

Miss Marvel’s story revolves around a Pakistani girl named Kamala Khan who lives in New Jersey and has unique talents. His family and especially his father and mother are portrayed as a traditional Pakistani family. Miss Marvel is played by Pakistani-Canadian Iman Vellani, while the web series also features other Pakistani actors, including Nimrah Bucha, Mehwish Hayat, Fawad Khan, and Samina Ahmed, as well as Indian actors. Not only Urdu dialogues are heard in the series but also its characters and sets are shown in traditional Pakistani style.

The first season of ‘Miss Marvel’ has 6 episodes, including three Pakistani songs. These songs include Ahmed Rushdie’s popular contemporary song ‘Coco Corina’, Naheed Akhtar’s ‘Sohniye I Love You’, and Eva B’s song ‘Rozi’.

In this series, Mahesh Hayat is playing the role of Kamala Khan’s grandmother’s youth. Her name is Ayesha.

In addition to Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Marvel Studios’ TV series has been directed by three other well-known directors, Adeel Al-Arabi, Bilal Falah, and Meera Menon, an Indian-American woman.
Miss Marvel premiered on June 4 in Los Angeles, attended by Mehwish Hayat, Nimrah Bucha, Samina Ahmed, Warda Aziz, and Sagar Sheikh from Pakistan along with series director Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy.

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