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Chairman Censors Board Sindh Khalid Bin Shaheen fines Arena Cinema


Chairman Film Censor Board Sindh Mr. Khalid Bin Shaheen reprimanded and issued a warning letter to the management of Arena Cinema Bahria Tower Tariq Road for arranging the premiere of ‘Peechay Tou Dekho’ movie as management failed to provide the certificate of such public show which tends to be an illegal act and against the norms of Censor Board.

It must be mentioned here that during the visit of Secretary SBFC to Arena Cinema, Manager Incharge was asked to show the Censor Certificate which he failed to provide to the concerned on which Sindh Board of Film Censors has chastised Arena Cinema management to refrain from such illegal acts and directed to give the response in writing within 3 working days, failing to comply with the directives, legal action will be initiated against the party.

Chairman Film Censor Board Mr. Khalid Bin Shaheen

Sindh Culture and Tourism department also showed serious concerns over exhibiting film sans certificate of Sindh Board of Film Censors. Its letter read out “ exhibiting an uncertified film is a violation of the provision of Section4(1) of Sindh Motion Pictures Act 2011 and as per Subsection (a) of Section 18 (1) is punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years, or with fine which may extend to one lac rupees, or with both.”

Chairman Film Censor Board Mr. Khalid Bin Shaheen

Chairman Film Censor Board Khalid Bin Shaheen while talking to the media said that such action from a reputed Cinema House cannot be tolerated as it is deemed to malign the image of the Censor Board and in future strict action will be taken against all the wrongdoers in light of the law along with the heavy imposition of penalty.

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