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Pakistani short film ‘Call Girl’ is among the top ten films of the International Film Festival.


The production and popularity of short films are not new to the world. However, the trend of making short films in India and Pakistan has become popular thanks to YouTube as there was no market for such films before YouTube where local producers could present their films. Thanks to YouTube, short filmmakers have been encouraged and now many OTT platforms are also giving importance to short films and short filmmakers are also getting good money. On the other hand, experiments on new and untouched topics in this genre are also ongoing. Recently, an experimental short film made in Pakistan, “Call Girl” was not only acclaimed in many international film festivals for its unique theme, but also in the Lift-Off Global Network Sessions 2021, after a competition between more than 200 films. There was a chance to make it to the final ten. The film will now be screened in April next year in front of a jury and audience at Pinewood Studios, UK, in the slots of the world’s ten best short films. After which the three best films will be awarded.

The official poster of the movie ‘Call Girl’

Call Girl is directed by Agha Farrukh Qazlbash while the cast includes Mehk Khan and Haider Chandio. Although the quality of the film’s production is low and the sound quality is not good, the film was selected as one of the ten best films for screening due to its unique theme, while YouTube users also expressed their appreciation for the film.

The story of the short film ‘Call Girl’ revolves around a girl who has become a call girl due to her compulsions. Need each other
The script of the film is very sensitive and bold, the climax of which makes you tremble.

Direction and production flaws are in place, but the script has covered up many of the film’s shortcomings.
Both the main characters have given impressive performances in acting, especially in the climax, both the actors have tried to touch the heights of characterization.

Mehk Khan who played the lead role in the film

The film can be viewed on YouTube.

Follow this link to watch the movie
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