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The short film Truth or Der managed to grab the attention of the audience


Production and popularity of short films are booming in Pakistan. The growing trend of digital platforms in Pakistan has significantly increased the viewership of short films and its credit undoubtedly goes to YouTube, where a large number of short films can be seen. Many of them capture the audience.
One such interesting short film is Truth or Dare, which lasts 30 minutes but you can’t take your eyes off the screen until the end of the film.
The script of the film is written by Jahangir Khan and the director is Ijaz Qureshi. The cast includes Rubina Ashraf, Younis Khan, and Rukhsar.

Official Poster of short movie Truth or Dare

The story of this short film covers the domestic life of a married couple who are tired of each other. They have been married for only three years but now they do not share a bed with each other. Sadaf (Rubina Ashraf) has been a model and actress with whom Hassan (Younis Khan) marries but now he is more interested in other women than his wife. He says he married Sadaf just because of his status and wealth. He is also proud that he is a true man, so he confesses every truth. One day he brings his girlfriend Aini (Rukhsar) to his house in the presence of his wife and takes her to the bedroom and has fun with her. Sadaf can’t stand all this and she challenges Hassan that she wants to play a game with him to find out which of the two is more courageous and which one has the courage to speak and listen to the truth?

They both play the game in which Sadaf admits that she has been a bedfellow of men many times before marriage, one of whom was her director friend Sahir.
The game comes to a point where one side can be killed but both insist on continuing the game and eventually one of the three characters is killed.
The story of the film is as interesting and thrilling as the screenplay. The dialogues are also lively and in accordance with the circumstances.

The direction is excellent and up to the mark. No attention was paid to the sound quality, otherwise, the film could have been award-winning. The cinematography is excellent, Raheel Mirza deserves congratulations on the brilliant camera work. Production quality is also good, usually, this sector of short films seems less emphasized. Editing is also good, since Muneeb Moon has worked for cinema, his work has a hint of feature films. Background music has further enhanced the impression of the story.
As far as acting is concerned, Rubina Ashraf has played her role with great skill. She felt down in her role. Although Rukhsar’s character is bold, it had a performance margin, he also impressed and did justice to the character. Since Younis Khan is a well-versed actor in theater, this role did not prove to be very difficult for him. Overall, all three actors contributed to the story.

Overall, Truth or Dare is a masterpiece that can captivate viewers. The theme of the film and some of the scenes are bold so it will be considered suitable for adults only. People under the age of 18 should not dare to see it.

Follow this link to watch the movie on YouTube.

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