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Box office Report of Tich Button and Zarrar



Two new Pakistani films, Zarrar and Tich Button were released at the box office this week. Although there is no reason to release two films together in these circumstances when the Pakistan film industry does not even have 25 films to release in 52 weeks of the year. The result was that both the films could not get good shows and then the quality of both films was also considered the major reason for their failure.

Tich Button is a film with big names in the cast and credits released under the banner of ARY Films, however, records prove that ARY Films do good business only at the Eid festivals. Apart from Eid, all the films of this company have been flops, examples of which are Baaji, Kaaf Kangana, and now Tich Button.

On the other hand, there were good hopes for the actor Shaan Shahid directorial ‘Zarrar’ released by Distribution Club, but the box office report of this film was also disappointing.
Tich Button has been released in the overseas circuit including Pakistan. The film had a disappointing opening on the first day and made only 72 lakhs in the first weekend across Pakistan. The film could only collect Rs 45 lakhs from the overseas circuit. Thus, the film collected only 1.17 crores in the first three days.
Considering this situation in the film business in the first three days, major cinemas have reduced the number of shows of this film.

The situation is no different with Zarrar, the second film released this week. The film made only Rs 60 lakh in the domestic circuit in the first three days. The film’s business in the overseas circuit was around 25 lakhs. Thus, in the first three days, Zarrar managed to do a business of only 85 lakh rupees.
The Legend of Maula Jatt‘s business is still much better than the new films. The shows of this film are also three times more than Zarrar, and Tich Button.

the legend of maula jatt
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The Legend of Maula Jatt completed 45 days of release and has collected 86 crores by the end of the seventh weekend, which is a new record. By adding the worldwide collections of the film, the total business of TLOMJ has become Rs 216 crores.

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