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Video of ‘Chan Mereya’ of Pakistani-origin singer Haider Hassan has been released



Punjabi music has captivated the entire world. Then when it comes to Punjabi folk music, who can claim to be immune from its influence?
There was a time when the wedding ceremonies in India and Pakistan were considered incomplete without their singing songs. Many of his songs became popular, in which Kut Kut Bajra gained special importance. For decades, this song was remembered only because of Musrrat Nazir‘s voice and its echoes are heard even today.

This all-time hit folk song by Musrrat Nazir has now been presented in a modern style and it is credited to Haider Hassan, a Pakistani-origin singer based in America who is a doctor by profession but has a particular passion for singing. In this regard, he has also formed his music band Karma.

Haider Hassan

The modern version of Kut Kut Bajra, in the voice of Haider Hassan, is gaining a lot of popularity and his song is rapidly gaining popularity. Released under the title Chan Mereya, this number’s popularity among the youth is due to its fine blend of hip-hop and folk. Through this song, a tribute has also been given to the great singer of the past.

Karma The Band

Released from Studio 14, the song has been released on all music platforms including YouTube. Not only the music of this song is mesmerizing but also the video is beautiful. Supermodel Ayeza Khan sizzles in the music video.

Ayeza Khan

The song’s music is composed by Imran Ali while the composition is by Haider Hassan and Sajjad Hussain. Song writer is Mubasher Hasan. The video is choreographed by Jabar Samrat. The cinematographer is Billu and the directed by Imran Hayat.

Ayeza Khan

If you haven’t heard this song yet, then go to this link and enjoy the music video with Haider Hasan’s charming voice.

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