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International Punjabi Film “Yaar Anmulle Returns” is being released across Pakistan from March 4


The popularity of foreign Punjabi films at the Pakistani box office has made even local filmmakers think that if entertaining films are made on unique themes, they can get worldwide attention. In the opinion of film analysts, the future of Punjabi cinema in Pakistan is very bright. Considering the same popularity of Punjabi films, Metro Live Movies, a leading distribution company in Pakistan, has acquired the rights to screen the international Punjabi film ‘Yaar Anmulle Returns’.

‘Yaar Anmulle Returns’ is being screened in Pakistan from Friday 4th March. The cast includes Harish Verma, Yuvraj Hans, Prabh Gill, Nupreet Banga, Jasleen Slaich, Nikit Dhilon, Sukhwinder Chahal, Prabh Kaur, Rana Jung Bahadur, and other popular stars.

The film is directed by Harry Bhatti. Earlier, two parts of this film have made history at the box office. This is the third film of this series.
Pakistani fans are also waiting for ‘Yaar Anmulle Returns’ because the music of a Punjabi film has become so popular after many years. The film features a total of seven songs that have become popular on music sites.

Official video of a popular song ‘Yaariyan Di Qasm’ included in the film

The cast of the film and the big stars of Punjabi cinema are very excited about the screening of this film in Pakistan. The film’s main lead Harish Verma has also expressed his views in a video message which has gone viral on social media.

Actor Harish Verma’s special video message for Pakistani fans

Other artists in their video messages have also requested the Pakistani audience to welcome the film.

Actor Rana Jang Bahadur’s special video message for Pakistani fans

Decorated with romance, drama, and comedy, ‘Yaar Anmulle Returns’ is produced by Shri Films (UK).

Official trailer of ‘Yaar Anmulle Returns’. The film is being screened in Pakistan on March 4.
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