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The first episode of Murder Mystery, a documentary series based on the murder of Pakistani artists, has been released


Many artists and filmmakers in Pakistan’s film industry did not die naturally, but they were killed or their files were closed by declaring their death as suicide. Pakistan’s leading production house Metro Live has presented many such unheard and unseen stories in the form of a documentary. The title of this documentary series is Murder Mystery. The first episode of this series has been released on Pakistan’s popular YouTube channel Metro Live TV, which has been loved by the audience. The creator of this series is the well-known journalist Umar Khitab Khan.

The history of assassinations of high-profile figures in Pakistan begins with the country’s first Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan and continues to the judicial assassination of another Prime Minister, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Then her son Murtaza Bhutto and her daughter-in-law, Benazir Bhutto, who was the country’s first woman prime minister, were also shot in Rawalpindi.
This series is not over yet.
In Pakistan, not only politicians have been brutally murdered, but also a large number of people who were associated with the entertainment industry and the underworld was behind most of these killings.
From film director Khalil Qaiser to big-screen dancing queen Nadira and Punjabi film superstar Sultan Rahi, the murders have been linked to underworld resentment.
Pakistan’s film industry where the underworld ruled like Bollywood for a long time. These people not only used to invest money in films but were also involved in other matters related to this industry.

His roots are still deep and strong from TV to the film industry.
Many famous actors and heroines dance to his cues.
Investment of black money in the entertainment industry is not new or unheard of but the concern is when one refuses to listen to them.
Those who offend the underworld end up losing their lives and interestingly, no such murders have ever been traced.
This mysterious murder has always remained a mystery.
In film parlance, it is considered a murder mystery.
Whether or not the first murder in the Pakistan film industry was the first, the incident was so sensational that it sent a wave of fear through the entire film industry. Everyone felt insecure.
This was the murder of a famous filmmaker and director, Khalil Qaiser.

Filmmaker Khalil Qaiser was killed in 1966

Who was killed by an unknown person in the darkness of night on September 21, 1966, in Lahore.
If you try to know the motives of this murder, you will find answers to these questions in the themes of Khalil Qaiser’s films.
The mystery of this murder has not been solved to date.
Khalil Qaiser was considered among the filmmakers whose scripts highlighted revolutionary thinking. He made a film, Shaheed, in the context of the Arab-Israeli war, which received immense attention during that period. This film also won several awards.
A few years after the release of Shaheed, another revolutionary film by Khalil Qaiser, Ferengi, was released. In which the conspiracies of British imperialism were exposed before the establishment of Pakistan.
Another of his films, Ajab Khan, also covers Pakistan’s freedom movement, depicting the struggle of a Hurriyat.
Although Khalil Qaiser has made successful commercial films on other commercial themes as well, Bani Clerk on social themes, including Shaheed, Farangi, and Ajab Khan, are the films based on which the motivations for his gruesome and mysterious murders are revealed.
After the death of a filmmaker with a revolutionary mindset like Khalil Qaiser, media, and industry circles also considered his films as the real reason for the murder.
The second murder in the film industry of Lahore. Which destroyed the entire film industry.
Niggo, an actress with killer roles, was murdered.
After this murder, the biggest fear was among the actresses belonging to the red light area of Lahore i.e. Heera Mandi. Because the murdered actress belonged to the famous diamond market in Lahore.

Niggu’s murder caused a stir in the entire Lahore apart from the film industry. It was a famous murder mystery of that time.
Niggu belonged to Bazar-e-Hassan. His original name was This beautiful actress was taken hand in hand in the film industry due to her dancing ability.
Famous businessmen of Lahore were waiting for a hint from him. He took pleasure in flattering her.
He was mostly cast for songs, which are called Mujare in film parlance. These dance performances were the item numbers of the period. Who sometimes played a key role in the success of the films.
In the early 70s, Niggo used to be the top priority of filmmakers for such dance numbers.
One such filmmaker was Khawaja Azhar Hussain. Who was badly in love with Niggo? Later they both got married.
Perhaps, Nigo also wanted to leave the life of the beauty market and establish her own home. The tag of prostitutes wanted to be a wife. But this marriage is not seen by the family of Niggo.
No one was happy to see the golden bird go away like that. She pressured the actress to divorce her husband but when nothing worked, Tunigo’s mother made a last-ditch effort to bring her daughter back home.
Niggo’s mother sends a message to her daughter that she is seriously ill, so as a last wish she wants to see her daughter’s face.
Niggo came to his house in Bazar-e-Hassan to meet his mother but was not allowed to leave after that.

Then one day the news came that Niggo was killed in the beauty market and the killer was none other than her husband.
Film producer Khawaja Azhar, Niggo, could not live without. When the ghost of love arose, he went to the diamond market to take his bride. Niggo was under severe family pressure. She refused to go with her husband. After which Khawaja Azhar got the justification to kill her and thus the murder of a famous actress of her time became a dark chapter in film history.
This incident took place on January 5, 1972.

Actress Niggo’s uncle Bashir and his partner Amjad were also named in this case, but the court acquitted them due to lack of evidence.
The reverberations of this incident continued for many years. Niggo’s mother pursued the murder case and finally, Khawaja Azhar Hussain was sentenced to life imprisonment in this case. After serving his sentence in jail, Khawaja Azhar died of natural causes in his hometown Gujranwala.
Niggo, the killer has met his end but everyone in the film industry has a different story to tell about the murder. That is, despite the identity of the killer, actress Niggo’s murder remained a murder mystery.

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