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German theatre group presented “Trashedy” in the Pakistan Theatre Festival


A German group staged a comedy on Thursday as the Pakistan Theatre Festival 2023 being held at the Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi, completed a week. The German troupe came to Karachi to participate in the festival. The title of the play it enacted was ‘Trashedy’. School children from Lyari and Defence were also invited to attend the theatrical performance of German artistes directed by Leandro Kees.

The cast included Marie-Lena Kaiser, Daniel Matheus, Julia Mota Carvalho and Elina Brams Ritzau. The production was a purposeful art as it not only provided entertainment to the audience but also raised awareness about how plastics had been polluting environment. A large number of people attended the show and appreciated the German group for its performance.

Theatre shows how humans destroy environment. Humans invented many things for their convenience, one of which is plastic, which is also polluting us because when plastic breaks down or becomes micro plastic. It is also included in some food cycle and enters our own stomach, we become sick. It was also mentioned that as we progressed, cars came, buses came, TV, computers and mobiles came, people from each other. Away, the trees fell and the concrete jungle became, and the beauty of our planet was destroyed.

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