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Under the aegis of Dua Fragrances, US-based brand Encounter Scents held its Virtual Launch on June 5, 2021, with great fanfare. The virtual event with strict Covid SOPs in place was orchestrated by Catwalk Event Management & Productions.
Hosts Mahsam Raza , CEO of Dua Fragrances and Encounter Scents; and Partner and Board Director, Actor/TV Host and Producer FaysalQuraishi invited guests to a cool ambiance replete with socially distanced white benches; a dainty flower-filled barrow fragrance counter – which held samples of the five existing Encounter Scents For Him and For Her fragrances including ‘COMPLIMENT’; ‘CONFIDENCE’; ‘ROMANTIC’; ‘SEDUCTION’ & ‘IN THE CLUB’- and delicious hors d’oeuvres and refreshments.
Guests included myriad members from the entertainment industry including actors Shahzad Nawaz; Aijaz Asllam; Nabeel Zafar; Naveed Raza; Haroon Shahid; Zain Afzal; Faizan Shaikh ; AadiAdealAmjad and actress and model Dur-e-Fishan Saleem as well entrepreneur and designer Asim Jofa ; publicist Rasik Ismail and a medley of leading bloggers, Vloggers, media and talented contestants from the game show ‘KhushRaho Pakistan’ which Faisal Quraishi hosts
Host Dino Ali interviewed guests on the Encounter Scents carpet and queried them about their favorite Encounter Scents fragrances and about their colleague FaysalQuraishi’s passion for fragrances. Some celebrity guests were tested during a blindfold game in which they were asked to try and guess any of the 10 existing scents.
Dino later invited the men of the hour Mahsam and Faysal on stage with its two large screens which show-reeled a 90-second promo film and congratulatory shout outs from gift box recipients (who highly praised the brand’s fragrances) including actors Saba Faisal; Ahsan Khan; Sana Fakhar and Rabab Hashim as well Mustafa Hemani, CEO of Hemani Group and Frieha Altaf CEO of Catwalk Event Management & Productions.
On stage FaysalQuraishi reminisced about his struggling days during which he would still make saving up to buy fragrances a priority, highlighting his lifelong passion for scents.
“When you meet someone something that is indelibly remembered and lingers on after the encounter is the fragrance that the other person was wearing,” Faisal said, adding that he and partner Mahsam had a similar passion for perfume and that there was “a story behind each of the Encounter Scents fragrances.”Mahsam Raza reiterated this fact when he explained the genesis of one of the fragrances, Confidence for Him.

“Each ingredient was cherry-picked according to all the fragrance notes my father liked” adding that all the ingredients used in Encounter Scents are derived straight from the source without a middleman.
Mahsam went on to speak and enthuse the brand’s philosophy: “Encounter Scents is dedicated to providing its loyal customers with an assortment of high-quality fragrances for all of life’s special moments according to different preferences.”

When a blogger and influencer asked what set Encounter Scents apart from other perfume brands and why anyone should endorse or buy from the brand, Faysal answered stoically.
“What are some important qualities that should be in a fragrance apart from a pleasant scent? Firstly other people should immediately notice the scent and remember it so it makes a lasting impression. Secondly, scents should be long-lasting; two qualities Encounter Scents inhabits.”
Mahsam and Faysal also spoke about their focus on establishing the fragrances in Pakistan and about then “working on many other plans and developing other products.”
When asked about possible brand ambassadors Mahsam said they would look for certain qualities in their picks:

“Our male and female brand ambassadors should be relatable; innocent and down-to-earth; have a sense of style and they must have a passion for and love perfumes.”
When asked if Faysal would lend his name on a signature scent, both partners smiled and said there is an upcoming “surprise” that will be unveiled shortly.

Encounter Scents is currently developing another set of six additional fragrances to the line; three for men and three for women. Mahsam enthuses that the Encounter Fragrances are currently sold out in the US solely by word-of-mouth; blind buys and trust.

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