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Celebrities Started Hand Washing Movement


As the Social media exploded during quarantine, Pakistani celebrities did their share by creating videos on Proper Handwashing method. Unilever and Catwalk Events CSR leg, Catwalk Cares  took the vital initiative to mobilise stars like Imran Abbass, Sarwat Gillani & husband Fahad Mirza,  Nadia Hussain and Tv Host And actor Faisal Querishi to share their home Handwashing videos using Lifebuoy soap explaining to fans the recommended 20 seconds message from WHO, World Health Organisation. This is the #1 defense to the Corona Virus till there is a cure. This followed them tagging their friends and Reema Khan, designer HSY, Manal Khan and a vocal Fakre Alam took on the movement.

According to CEO of CATWALK, Frieha Altaf, “I’m extremely grateful to the celebrities as they did not charge for this public service message. Instead the donated boxes of lifebuoy soap to their respective charities.”

The movement has caught on with fans alike globally using the WHO hashtag #safehands and locally as #haathonkihifazat. On an average a human being touches their face 23 times in an hour. Washing hands for 20 seconds can save your life, and that of others.

UNILEVER has donated 200 million to fight the virus in Pakistan, of which 2 million are lifebuoy soaps

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