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Adnan Shah as Bald and Bold Badman


Adnan Shah Tipu, who has created a distinct identity with his exceptional acting and characters, has once again decided to surprise his fans.

For the upcoming film ’13’, Adnan Shah Tipu has sacrificed his thick hair to play the role of a bald villain in movie. For the sake of this unique get-up, he has to adjust the dates of his other projects.

Adnan Shah Tipu’s upcoming film ’13’ is a murder mystery, in which he plays a serial killer. As per the demand of the role, when the film’s director Nabeel Ur Rehman Lutfi told him that he had to make the character bald during the film, Adnan’s first reaction was that he could not do it as he had other shoots going on, Continuity was feared to be affected, but at the director’s insistence, Adnan finally agreed. The scene of the sacrifice of Adnan’s thick curly hair is also included in this film.

Director Nabeel Ur Rehman Lutfi, Adnan Shah Tipu, Saleem Meraj, and Taqi Ahmed on the shoot of 13.

Nabeel Ur Rehman Lutfi is working hard on this film and plans to complete it quickly and release it in 2023.

The producers of the film are Shahbaz Zain and Kaneez Fatima. Apart from Adnan Shah Tipu, the cast includes Saleem Meraj, Taqi Ahmed, Afra Nabeel, and others. Full of action and thrill, ’13’ will be released under the banner of Metro Live Movies.

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