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Actor Khalid bin Shaheen received a medal of distinction from the President of Pakistan


On the occasion of Pakistan Day, presidential awards were presented to prominent personalities from various fields in all five provinces of the country and the federal capital. Additionally, artists and creators associated with the showbiz industry were also bestowed with civil awards.

Among the awardees is the name of legendary actor and producer Dr. Khalid Bin Shaheen, a big name in the Pakistani drama industry, who has been awarded Tamgha e Imtiaz (the Medal of Distinction). He received this honor from the President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari in a special ceremony of Pakistan Day held at the Presidential Palace, Islamabad.

Speaking to the media after receiving the award, senior actor, producer, and chairman of the Film Censor Board Sindh Khalid bin Shaheen thanked the government of Pakistan and said that appreciation of the talents of any artist at the official level is a source of encouragement and I feel proud to wear this honor on my chest because it is a medal awarded by my country. He has also thanked his friends and loved ones for getting this honor. Khalid bin Shaheen said that all this is thanks to your prayers and love.

Dr. Khalid Bin Shaheen has acted in more than 35 serials and many long-running dramas on TV. Khalid Bin Shaheen, who has been busy in the showbiz industry for 30 years, also played an important role in Zee TV’s soap serial ‘Dastaan’ in the nineties.

He has several memorable PTV dramas to his credit, including Ba’adab Bamulahiza Hoshiyar, Anarkali, Haseena Alam, Barzakh, Babar, Zindagi, Pella Pani, Ghar Ek Nagar, Qisa Chahar Darwish, Hawain, while on private channels. Nange Paon, Yadain, Sahil, Jannat, Jethani, Maa Sadke, Dil To Bhatke Ga, To Jo Nahi, Bichho, Juda Huwe Kuchh Is Tarah, Qismat, Mera Hamdam, Tabeer, etc. are worth mentioning.

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