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King Khan’s Pathaan record business of 531.6 crores in just five days


Shah Rukh Khan‘s film Pathaan had a lot of expectations, but this film would shatter many records in the history of Hindi cinema in this way, no one could have predicted it.
Shahrukh’s previous films did not do much at the box office, after which it was assumed in Bollywood that Badshah Khan’s era was over and Shahrukh’s return to the game was almost impossible, but Pathaan‘s opening business proved that catching the king of Bollywood is not only difficult but also impossible.

Pathaan has become the first film in the history of Hindi cinema to cross the Rs 100 crore mark for five consecutive days.

That’s not it. Instead, this film has also created a new record by doing business of 313 crore Indian rupees on the opening weekend. This amount is 38.4 million dollars in US currency.
Pathaan is the first film in the history of Hindi cinema to earn a record of 500 crores worldwide business in just five days. This amount is 113.6 million in US dollars.

Although this film, which was released on 25th January, faced many controversies before its release and Indian extremists even burnt Pathaan‘s publicity and posters in cinemas. but Shah Rukh Khan’s fans still loved the King Khan films.
As soon as the booking of the film opened, Shahrukh’s fans rushed to the theaters like crazy and camped overnight booking tickets in cinemas where an online booking facility was not available. Such scenes were seen after many decades for the booking of a Bollywood film.
Pathaan has also been released in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil languages. Because of this, apart from North India, the business of this film was very good in the South as well.

The film did a business of 57 crores on the first day in India alone, while it took an opening of 4.5 million dollars in the overseas circuit. Thus Pathaan‘s total first-day collections stood at Rs 106 crore.
On the second day of its release, Pathaan achieved the target of 113.6 crores and also held the record for the highest collections in a day.
Pathaan has done a net business of Rs 280 crore and gross business of Rs 327.6 crore from India alone in the five days till Sunday 29 January, while the film’s collections from the overseas circuit have reached $27 million in five days.

In this way, Pathaan has done an entire worldwide business of 531.6 crore, which is a business of 68 million dollars.
The credit for this extraordinary success of Pathaan cannot be given to King Khan alone. Because Salman Khan‘s cameo also plays an important role in raising box office numbers. Apart from this, John Abraham and Deepika Padukone‘s performances also played an important role in the film’s success.
Now it is to be seen whether this uplift of the historical business of Pathaan will be able to take this film to the insurmountable record of 1000 crores or not.

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