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Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out Faysal Quraishi’s Dil-e-Momin


There is no doubt that Faysal Quraishi is one of the most dynamic actors in our industry today. Making a name for himself through captivating characters, he keeps the audience entertained through his scintillating portrayals. Turning a role from a script into a full-fledged persona, he transforms into his characters seamlessly. Audiences nationwide have loved all of his characters and have become attached to them along the way. His latest series Dil-e-Momin has already made waves amongst fans as Quraishi takes on the pious and virtuous Momin who is caught in a love triangle between Madiha Imam as Maya and Momal Sheikh as Aashi. Every episode of the series has left us more curious to see what the future holds for his character, so, if you haven’t already seen the show, you are missing out! Here are our top 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on Faysal Quraishi’s Momin:

1. Faysal Quraishi working alongside a star-studded/acclaimed cast: We are loving the powerful cast of Dil-e-Momin with Faysal Quraishi as the protagonist alongside the esteemed actors Madiha Imam, Momal Sheikh, Jawed Sheikh, Gohar Rasheed, Annie Zaidi, Saba Faisal, and Shabbir Jan amongst others. After it was announced that the brilliant pool of talents would be in the drama series together, fans couldn’t wait to watch the series and we must say it lives up to the hype!

2. The famous duo of Muqaddar — Faysal Quraishi and Madiha Imam back on screen:

There is no doubt that the duo mesmerized on the set of Muqqadar as Sardar Saif (Faysal Quraishi) and Raima (Madiha Imam). Since the iconic series ended, fans have eagerly awaited the return of the two stars to see that chemistry on the screen once again. With a storyline as captivating as Dil-e-Momin, viewers are definitely in for a treat!

3. A very unique role played by Faysal Quraishi like never before Faysal Quraishi as Momin plays the role of a very pious man who holds a very respectable personality in our society. The character is simple yet complex and Quraishi’s acting makes it all the better. Beyond dialogue, he has embodied this character flawlessly to the point where every facial expression holds meaning in the storyline.

4. Faysal Quraishi’s emotional range: The ace actor’s emotional graph is not to miss as he wows viewers once again with an array of expressions, dialogues, and the general depiction of his character. From the very first episode, we were completely submerged in his scenes and could not get enough of his acting.

5. Spectacular dialogue delivery: There aren’t many dramas that get famous on the grounds of quality dialogues. However, Faysal Quraishi’s dialogues in the drama are beyond immaculate. The often soft-spoken Momin also has some intense scenes which grip viewers through and through.

Dil-e-Momin has already gauged millions of views and is all set to be another one of Faysal Quraishi’s best. If you already haven’t watched the series, it’s time to kick off your weekend on the right foot by tuning in to the action-packed drama, every Friday & Saturday at 8 pm!

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