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Catwalk Event Management and Productions is organizing a Virtual Fashion Show to recognize and pay tribute to the front liners, volunteers who have worked day and night to fight against this pandemic and those who despite their own well-founded fears, are stepping directly into COVID-19’s path to aid the afflicted and help halt the virus spread.

Virtual Fashion platform, where designers represent a United Fashion Front, with adapting to digital innovation to best fit their needs today and something to build on as a global showcase for the future. The show will be called, “Catwalk Cares”. Partnering with Studio by TCS for deliveries and official style partner is Nabila, this initiative is the best platform being brought ahead to keep the fashion industry alive giving back. 

16 to 20 Fashion designers will be showcasing their collections and each designer will be donating an outfit and accessory to the front liners for EID. Designers will represent their stories through theirs collections, creative collaborations. The show will be streamed live on the top main digital dais. The main objective of the digital showroom is to encourage industries to invest and generate resources in E-commerce Business.

‘’Frieha Altaf has asked designers to donate an outfit or an accessory to the front liners for Eid. She is also hoping that sponsors come on board so that cash donations can be organized. It has been a time to slow down & reflect. Fashion/Retail industry has suffered like many other businesses. It is time to be united, come back stronger and more creative. I see the future is Digital. Virtual Fashion Weeks will be the new norm. Catwalk has always taken the lead in introducing new concepts. Catwalk will work on the 1st Pakistan Virtual Fashion Week in the fall” inshallah’’

Faraz Manan, Shehla Chatoor, Chapter 2, Maheen Karim, Elan, Generation, Nomi Ansari, HSY, Republic by Omar Farooq, Ali Xeeshan, Ismail farid, Shamaeel Ansari, Asim Jofa, Fnk Asia, Sonya Battla and Amir Adnan are on board  for the ‘CatwalkCares’ Show.


A Top model will represent each designer and the outfit will be delivered by Studio TCS. Models will create their look with Nabila’s help at their homes and videos themselves wearing the outfit. These video will be edited by Catwalk for live streaming before Eid Ul Fitr 2020, Catwalk is also asking celebrities to get involved in this process.

On the positive side, we hope this pandemic would bring more sustainability, creativity and better results that we would value cherish and respect. The heroism, dedication and selflessness of medical staff, police, grocery store worker and welfare origination allow the rest of us a degree of reassurance that we will overcome this pandemic. We must give these workers all the support they need to do their jobs, be safe and stay alive.

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