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‘Sitara: Let Girls Dream’ Displays Outright Helplessness


The highly anticipated visual delight Sitara: Let Girls Dream has just been released and it starts with a plethora of colors and happiness, as Fourteen-year-old Pari and little Mehr make paper airplanes standing at the rooftop of their house. They release the planes that touch the heights and transcend marketplaces and clotheslines that come in the way like their dream of becoming a pilot.

However, the cute shenanigan soon turns into unease as they see their orthodox father approaching the house for tea. They look at each other and try running down before he arrives. As he comes home with a pack of sweets, his wife downcasts as if she is hesitant or scared. He brings a beautifully embroidered slipper for Pari which makes her happy but her mother worried and regretful.

Pari, who aspires to become another Marium Mukhtiar and yearns to fly high in the skies is becoming a bride all of a sudden, against her will. Mehr is happy to see all the glitter and festivity but as soon as she realizes her co-pilot is about to sail in a boat, she sheds tears while hugging her adieu.

Notwithstanding disapproval from not just Pari’s mother, but also her brother, the stern father chooses his daughter’s future singlehandedly, with no room for informing, let along discussing with his daughter or even spouse for that matter.

With Sitara, the Academy Award-winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy brings the plight of at least 12 Million child brides whose dreams are shattered every day. The first-ever Netflix original of Pakistan is a fifteen-minute silent movie delineating breathtaking animation and true depiction of a Pakistani neighborhood. The animated delight will certainly be welcomed by abundant countries because of the absence of any language barrier.

Sitara is a collaboration of SOC Films with ARY Films and Waadi Animations. In Pakistan, the Waadi Animations Team is spearheaded by Art Director Salman Nasir, Animation Director Kamran Khan, CG Lighting Supervisor Adnan Saeed, Director of Photography Faizan Ali, Editor Husain Qaizer, Sound Effects Editor Sameer Khan, co-producer Eleyna Sara Haroun and Associate Producer Syed Ayub with Mr. Salman Iqbal, Mr. Jerjees Seja, Imke Fehrmann and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy as the producers.

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