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Sana Safinaz, Hussain Rehar And Asad Ul Haq Join ‘Catwalk Cares’


SANA SAFINAZ and HUSSAIN REHAR join Catwalk Cares’ the three day “virtual fashion week” to be live-streamed during Eid –ul- Fitr 2020 and organized by Frieha Altaf CEO of Catwalk Event Management & Productions.

The two design houses join an existing list of 17 Pakistani fashion luminaries from both Karachi and Lahore to make up 19 united designers.

Sana Hashwani and Sadaf Munir of Sana Safinaz have this to say about the ‘virtual fashion week’ initiative:

“We are happy to participate in this avant garde initiative by Frieha. We think virtual fashion shows will be a big part of the foreseeable future of fashion worldwide. We think Western “fast fashion” is facing a slow demise since their products are traditionally manufactured in developing nations. Luckily, our brand produces everything in-house so we expect to continue production as per planned seasons, albeit with some adaptations.” The Sana Safinaz fashion house will be showcasing a fusion couture collection entitled ‘Antalya modelled by Fatima Hasan.

Avant garde designer Hussain Rehar renowned for his fashion-forward runway presentations will be showing outfits modelled by Zara Abid from his ‘The Daughter of the Moon’.

Says Hussain about his participation in the ‘Catwalk Cares’ Virtual Fashion Week:

The Catwalk Cares virtual fashion week is definitely a great opportunity. It is extremely important to come up with something unique which provides a tangible platform for the fashion industry so that both designers and clients can still remain engaged in fashion during these tough times.”

To orchestrate the actual filming of the individual runway walks by the models in their own homes Frieha Altaf has enlisted renowned advertising filmmaker/director; producer and founder of District 19; Asad ul-Haq for his expertise.

Says Asad about his participation “When Frieha reached out with this idea (‘Catwalk Cares’) I was already researching on ways to implement virtual projects and then Covid-19 happened so it was an easy fit!”

Asad insists that the first challenge is to get all the designers and models to shoot in a uniform style in their own spaces.

“To help solve this I have made a cheat sheet with pictures on the “Do’s and the Don’ts” for the recording of the show. My guidelines include teaching the models how to utilize individual spaces ramp-like and walk in straight lines; how to use daylight to their benefit; how to empty out any background clutter; and most importantly to always shoot in landscape mode.”

A Zoom meet with all the models will take them through the   whole process before Asad Whatsapps them the whole routine.

Likewise, hair and make-up stylist Nabila will also Zoom-call the models to guide them for their individual hair and make-up looks.

Finally, Asad will later work with an editor and cut all the footage as it slowly comes in and presents itself.

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