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Movie Review – Khel Khel Mein, made in the context of the fall of Dhaka


While an epidemic like Corona has affected all walks of life around the world, it has also affected the film industry all over the world, including the Pakistani film industry, which is already on the brink of extinction and Pakistani filmmakers are on their own. They are trying to restore it, they do not have any government support. After a long hiatus, I saw the first Pakistani film, Kheel Kheel Mein, which was recently released, about East Pakistan seceding from West Pakistan in 1971. It is also known as the Fall of Dhaka. I saw this movie in the famous Cinema Capri in Karachi and was impressed that a bad movie has been made on such a good subject.
Filmmakers will have to pay tribute to this, they chose this subject while working in commercial cinema. If you look at the poster of this movie or consider its outward presentation, it seems to be a very beautiful and charming style, but there is bitterness in the context of this story. The two countries, which were in each other’s arms, together gained independence from the British government in 1947. How the Indian maneuvers hit this brotherhood hard, gave air to their differences Separated from To understand the half-finished historical story in this Pakistani film, one has to know its background and also the technical aspects, without which such films cannot be made successfully.
While living in a commercial cinema, every country and nation needs to make some films that have an ideological basis, to present its political chessboard and national narrative, such films would be made all over the world. What is called “propaganda films” in the language of the film world, the psychology of these films is that they are made for a specific purpose and it impresses the filmmakers, especially the students of history. He also wants the viewers to believe in that aspect of history that he is narrating. Hollywood topped the list of films made for such purposes, wherever it fought wars in the world, in the context of these regions, showing films to the local villains, even if it was made during World War II. Be it the films that have been made, or the films that have been made in the background of Vietnam and Afghanistan, but also in connection with Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. “Zero Dark Thirty” was made, which proved to be a technically strong film, even though its duration was longer than normal films, which are made in Hollywood. The wind and the film remained attached to the screen until the end.
Similarly, some filmmakers from neighboring India are also experts in making propaganda films, just as in the context of Hindu-Muslim relations, the well-known Indian filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali made a number of films, most notably Padmavat. Alauddin Khilji’s character was distorted. In this regard, I have penned two articles for Dawn Urdu. By reading them, you can better understand the dynamic psychology behind this film. In spite of all this, it is technically a brilliant film, which made it seem as if the filmmaker had stabbed the Muslims in the heart with a golden dagger. He was thrilled to see the movie.

 A brilliant film based on the distorted history of the subcontinent

This is the practical psychology of any successful propaganda cinema, but unfortunately the Pakistani film “Kheel Kheel Mein” did not show any such treatment, based on very childish and superficial dialogues and monologues. Attempts were made to show the embarrassing role of Biharis in Dhaka, the embarrassing role of Indians in Dhaka, and other aspects. Couldn’t make any special emotional impression at the end. In the present era, the Indian youth or the Pakistani and Bengali youth, most of them have a lot of positive thinking, but in this film, their negative thinking has also been made the focus, while in reality, it is not at all now.
The main idea of ​​the story of this film is something like this, there are college students who are developing a theater play in which India took advantage of the differences between the two parts of Pakistan and separated them from each other. , Has tried to explain this. Some students from Pakistan go to Dhaka to attend a theater festival and the treatment they receive from the airport to the festival is very bad. She is the daughter of a Pakistani military officer in the film and she goes out to find her grandfather during the festival, who is Bihari and has been forgotten by present-day Bangladesh, living a life of helplessness. Is The same story contains half-finished references to Balochistan, Indian spices, and the war of 1971? There were some important scenes too, but Tawan didn’t get the treatment right, like a grandpa-granddaughter reunion, which could be made very lively by the background music, as well as some climax of the movie which were not very strong, yet they had great dialogues and music. Could have been presented through, but the majority of actors, including Bilal Abbas, adopted the drama style of acting on the big screen, which further weakened the story.
Looking at this movie and especially watching the performance of Sajjal Ali, it is often confused whether we are watching this new movie “Kheel Kheel Mein” or we are watching the web series “Sunshine Wall” which was released some time back. Or we are watching the Pakistani drama “Ahad-e-Wafa”. The difference between the same acting, TV, and film could not make any difference in his acting. Manzar Sehbai and Nazrul Hassan performed well in the film under review. The roles of Shehryar Munawar, Javed Sheikh, and many such actors were seen only as recruitment.
Pakistani filmmakers have to understand this, if they want to make films based on history, first study such topics, consider all historical aspects, and then tell their story with the requirements of commercial cinema, but such stories are just as commercial. Do not be offended by such stories. After all, this film was good as an endeavor, but the series continued regularly, so through these experiments, we will also be able to make films that make the enemy moan, but wow wow on his tongue. A video review on this movie is also available, which you can watch.

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