WomenX and Kaymu Joined hands to Boost Young Lady Entreprenuers

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WomenX and Kaymu joined hands in Karachi to incubate fresh startup businesses online by creating a My Kaymu Store for them.

Kaymu.pk recently invited around 30 women from WomenX who are enrolled in the 4th cohort at IBA Center for Entrepreneurship Development (IBA-CED) to facilitate them with becoming Kaymu sellers and grow their business/ enhance their customer base.

After introducing the women to Kaymu, the team demonstrated how to sign up as a seller, how to describe products using appropriate content terminology and price them taking into account cost and profit margin. The women were provided laptops and free product photography to facilitate them to become Kaymu sellers immediately.

This session was a follow-up of a previous session “Online Marketing Mix & Mingle” (held earlier this year) where industry experts like Maliha Rao of Fashion Pakistan Council, Imtiaz Noor of Kaymu and Nazish Chagla of N’eco’s shared insights regarding brand positioning, product photography, pricing and promotion for an e-commerce business. Kaymu Pakistan aims to follow these sessions with regular consultancy and guidance for interested members over the course of time and intend to roll out to other cities as well.

About WomenX

WomenX Pakistan is a pilot for a global World Bank program to support high-growth potential women entrepreneurs. The program is being implemented in Karachi, Lahore, and Peshawar by Enclude. Through the program, participating women business owners receive a package of services– including business and soft skills training, networking, peer-to-peer coaching activities, one-on-one mentoring, and specialized business clinics– that directly address the range of constraints restricting their growth. The program aims to develop entrepreneurs’ capacity to improve enterprise management and business performance outcomes, thereby stimulating job creation and contributing to economic growth. At a macro level, the program fosters a more innovative and inclusive entrepreneurial eco-system for women entrepreneurs through a public discourse campaign, Women’s INC. Find out more about the pilot in Karachi and the new programs in Lahore and Peshawar.

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