Usma Kashaf becomes Lady of Popularity 2018 in Taiwan.


Usma Kashaf, Mrs. Pakistan World 2018 represented Pakistan at the Mrs. Brilliancy 2018 pageant in Taiwan, known also as Lady of Brilliancy International! The pageant is a representation of the national flowers of the contestants’ respective countries. Having attained two titles, Lady of Pakistan 2018 and Lady of Jasmine which is Pakistan’s national flower, it has been an exciting and overwhelming time for Usma Kashaf.
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Usma Kashaf has also come in the top 5 position for talent performance. The Lady of Brilliancy 2018 pageant took place in Taiwan in the 5th of August and Mrs. Pakistan 2018 Usma Kashaf won “Lady of Popularity 2018” title for Pakistan as well as came in the top 15.
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This is a big win for Pakistan in the international pageant scene.
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A married women, a mother and an entrepreneur has proven that being married or working does not stop them being active in other fields.
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The next phase for Mrs. Pakistan is find candidates for the next Mrs. Pakistan 2019 contest to be taken place in Dubai, UAE.
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