Upholding its tradition Servis 4th HUM Awards A Magical Night Of Glitz and Glamour

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Glitz, glamour and a sense of wonderment was what defined the 4th edition of Servis HUM Awards presented by Servis at Expo Center in Karachi on April 23, 2016.

The yearly awards are a celebration of the best in Pakistani television programming on HUM Network and a way of appreciating the talented models, actors and musicians of Pakistan.

The red carpet was a star-studded affair with the who’s who of the entertainment industry, socialites and corporate giants coming together in an elegant mix of glitz, glamour and class. Atif Aslam, Ayesha Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Reema, Resham, Ahmed Butt, Mehwish Hayat, Humayun Saeed, Rubaya Chaudhry, Fahad Mustafa, Sohai Ali Abro, Vasay Chaudhry and Noor were just some of the names that graced the red carpet.

The stage had a distinct look inspired by the Great Gatsby and the stars certainly exuded class that fit well the theme.

The show opened with an amazing performance by the BNF troupe, which set the mood for the night. As the performance reached its climax, the first pair of hosts for the evening comprising the heartthrob Humza Ali Abbasi and the beautiful Ayesha Khan came up on the stage.

The first round of categories to be presented comprised the Popular (Viewers’ Choice Awards) starting with Fashion: Best Model Female, which was presented by Emmad Erfani and Jasmine Kiyani to Sunita Marshal.

The next award in this category was Best Model – Male Popular, which was presented by Nadia Hussain and Deputy CEO of Pakistan China Mobile Zong, Niaz A Malik to Shehzad Noor.

The second category was of Music. Best Music Video Popular was presented by Atif Aslamand went to Uzair Jaswal. Next up was Best Music Single (Popular), also presented by Atif and went to Yasir Jaswal.

A mesmerizing performance by Sohai Ali Abro with Mawra joining her at the tail end for a jig followed. The entertainment segment didn’t end there as the hilarious duo Ahmed Ali Butt and Vassay Chaudhry took the stage with their interactive quips and their humorous but very catchy musical number Hum hain sab say haseen.

Ahmed Ali Butt and Vassay Chaudhry then announced the next category of Television, beginning with Best Actor Female Soap. The award was presented by Mansha Pasha and general manager marketing of United Industries, AhmreenBasit to Resham for her performance in Ishq Ibadat.

Next up was Best Actor Male Soap, which was won by Sohail Sameer for his role in Sartaj Mera Tu Raj Mera and presented by Naveen and Gohar Rasheed. This was followed by the award for Best Soap. Amna Illyas and regional operations manager of Servis Salahuddin Butt presented the award which went to the director of Ishq Ibadat, Fahim Burney, and was accepted by his wife.

The last award in this category was of Best Telefilm. The award presented by Ali Xeeshan and Nabila went to Tamasha by Angelic Productions and was received by Angeline Malik.

Ahsan Khan then rocked the stage with his amazing performance on a medley of songs.
The next set of hosts of the evening was of Humza Ali Abbasi and Sanam Jung, who invited CEO HUM Network Duraid Qureshi on the stage to present an award from the Special category Recognition Award Films, to producers of Manto, Sanya Saeed and Sarmad Khoosat received the award, Jawani Phir Nahi Aani -Humayun Saeed received it and Bin Roye-Momina Duraid received it for their contribution to Pakistani cinema.

Continuing with the film category, Sanam Saeed and HSY presented the awards for Best Actor Female – Film, and Best Actor Male – Film, which were won by Sanya Saeed for Manto and Mahira Khan for Bin Roye, respectively, and by Humayun Saeed for his performances in Bin Roye and Jawani Phir Nahi Aani as well as by Sarmad Khoosat for his role in Manto.

A-mesmerizing-performance-by-Sohai-Ali-Abro-with-Mawra-joining-her-at-the-tail-end Ahsan-Khan-rocked-the-stage-with-his-amazing-performance-on-a-medley-of-songs Best-Drama-Serial-Popular.-The-winner-was-Diyare-Dil-and-Momina-Duraid-received-the-award-from-Samina-Peerzada CEO-HUM-Network-Duraid-Qureshi-on-the-stage-to-present-an-award-from-the-Special-category-Recognition-Award-Films-to-producer-of-Bin-Roye-–-Momina-Duraid-received-it CEO-HUM-Network-Duraid-Qureshi-on-the-stage-to-present-an-award-from-the-Special-category-Recognition-Award-Films-to-producers-of-Manto-Sanya-Saeed-and-Sarmad-Khoosat-received-the-award Jury-awards-for-Best-on-Screen-Couple-was-presented-to-Maya-and-Osman. Jury-Awards-for-the-Best-Actor-Female-in-a-Drama-Serial-which-was-presented-to-Iffat-Omer-for-Mohabbat-Aag-Si-by-Humayun-Saeed-and-executive-director-United-Industry Jury-Awards-for-the-Best-Drama-Serial-predictably-went-to-Diyare-Dil-received-by-Momina-Duraid Jury-Awards-The-last-award-of-the-evening-presented-by-Mahira-Khan-was-for-Best-Actor-Male-in-a-Drama-Serial-which-went-to-Mikaal-Zulfiqar Noor-and-Ali-Abbas’s-performance-on-a-medley President-HUM-Network-Sultana-Siddiqui-on-stage-to-present-the-next-Special-award-Lifetime-achievement-to-veteran-film-actor-Nadeem-for-his-contributions-to-Pakistani-cinema. Sanam-Saeed-and-HSY-presented-the-awards-for-Best-Actor-Female-–-Film-won-by-Mahira-Khan-for-Bin-Roye Sanam-Saeed-and-HSY-presented-the-awards-for-Best-Actor-Female-–-Film-won-by-Sanya-Saeed-for-Manto Setting-the-house-on-fire-with-their-scintillating-performance-on-the-songs-of-Bin-Roye-were-Humayun-Saeed-and-the-sultry-Mehwish-Hayat. Setting-the-house-on-fire-with-their-scintillating-performance-on-the-songs-of-Bin-Roye-were-Humayun-Saeed-and-the-sultry-Mehwish-Hayat The-award-for-Best-OST-Popular-went-to-Diyare-Dil-presented-by-Zeb-Bangash-and-Imran-Abbas-to-Momina-Duraid. HUM-Awards-Performance-and-Award-Winners Viewers’-Choice-Category-awards-Best-Actor-Female-in-a-Drama-Serial-Popular-which-was-won-by-Sanam-Jung-for-her-role-in-Alvidah Viewers’-Choice-Category-awards-the-Best-Actor-Female-in-a-Drama-Serial-Popular-which-was-won-by-Maya-Ali-for-her-role-in-Diyare-Dil

The next two awards celebrated the new emerging talent in Pakistani television. The award for Best New Sensation – Female went to Iqra Azeem presented by Ali Rehman and Amin Paracha, the Consumer ENG. manager Nestle. Next on stage were Humaima Malik and Meekal Zulfiqar who presented the award for Best New Sensation-Male to Feroz Khan.

Vasay Chaudhry then presented the trailers of Mah-e-Mir and Yalgaar, two up-coming HUM Films. The comedic duo of Ahmed Ali Butt and Vassay Chaudhry then presented a comedic piece titled The Psychiatric Doctor, which had everyone in stitches with its sheer comedic genius and timing of the quips. They were followed by the uber-talented duo Noor and Ali Abbas’s performance on a medley.

Hamza Ali Abbasi returned to host the show with Ayesha Khan and announced the next award of Best Actor in Comic Role, which was presented by Farhan Ali Agha and Hina Dilpazeer to Ahmed Ali Butt for his role in Mister Shamim. The award for Best Actor in a Negative Role was won by Zahid Ahmed and presented by Aijaz Aslam and Saba Qamar. The Award for Best Actor Female in a supporting role went to Sarah Khan for Mohabbat Aag Si and was presented by Sonia Hussain and senior brand manager Cerelac, Ahsan Talat. The award for Best Actor Male in a supporting role was presented by Syra Shahroze and Shehzad Sheikh to Behroze Sabzwari who was celebrating his 30th anniversary that night. The award also went to Ali Rehman for his performance in Diyare Dil.

The mega star of Pakistani music Atif Aslam then came on stage and began with a solo number, following it up with three other numbers that had an international troupe dancing in accompaniment. His electrifying performance and interaction with the guests brought the house down with the fervour and applause it garnered from the audience.

Sanam Jung and Vasay Chaudhry then invited president HUM Network Sultana Siddiqui on stage to present the next Special award: Lifetime achievement to veteran film actor Nadeem for his contributions to Pakistani cinema.

The hosts for the next awards were Sanam Jung and Vassay Chaudhary who announced the award for Most Impactful Character in a serial, won by Abid Ali and presented by Rubina Ashraf and HinaBayat. The award was received by his wife. The award for Best OST Popular went to Diyare Dil presented by Zeb Bangash and Imran Abbas to Momina Duraid. The Best Writer Drama Serial award went to Farhat Ishtiaq presented by Bushra Ansari and received by Haseeb. Sarmad Khoosat and Samina Ahmed presented the award for Best Director Drama Serial to Haseeb for Diyare Dil.

Setting the house on fire with their scintillating performance on the songs of Bin Roye were Humayun Saeed and the sultry Mehwish Hayat. Ahmed Ali Butt and Vassay Chaudhary then returned with an interactive comedic session with the audience.

The next award was presented by Iffat Omer for the Best On Screen Couple Popular and the award went to the duo Imran Abbas and Sanam Jung for Alvidah. The next category was Best Drama Serial Popular. The winner was Diyare Dil and Momina Duraid received the award from Samina Peerzada. Moving on to two other Viewers’ Choice Category awards, the first was the Best Actor Female in a Drama Serial Popular, which was won by Maya Ali and Sanam Jung for their roles in Diyare Dil and Alvidah respectively and was presented by Iman Ali and national retail sales head Servis, Ahsan Omer.

The last Viewers’ Choice award of the night was for Best Actor Male in a Drama Serial, which was won by Osman Khalid Butt for Diyare Dil presented by Reema Khan and head of marketing Servis Sharjeel Hassan.

The finale dance performance of the evening was by the sister duo Urwa and Mawra. Humza Ali Abbasi and Ayesha Khan as the final hosts of the evening for the jury awards invited Sarwat Gillani and Fahad Mirza to present the award for Best on Screen Couple, to Maya and Osman. The Best Drama Serial predictably went to Diyare Dil presented by Sania Saeed and asst. brand manager Servis Sarah Tauheed. The next award was for Best Actor Female in a Drama Serial, which was presented to Iffat Omer for Mohabbat Aag Si by Humayun Saeed, and executive director United Industry. The last award of the evening presented by Mahira Khan was for Best Actor Male in a Drama Serial, which went to Mikaal Zulfiqar bringing the 4th Edition of Servis HUM Awards to a resounding close and leaving everyone with unforgettable moments, proving HUM Awards are the biggest Television Awards in Pakistan.

The 2016 edition of HUM Awards was presented byServis, brought to you by Kashmir Banaspati and Cooking Oil & Nestle Cerelac, in association with Zong; official radio partner was FM 106.2 and TUC.

The PR of the event was done by STARLINKS PR and Events.

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