Thoda Sa Aasman


This sentence is a more than a statement. It is a question which every woman asks herself from day to night and year by year but unfortunately, no body have ever occurred with an appropriate answer.

Now, like multiple times before, this question is raised by a drama serial “Thoda Sa Aasman“, in a unique and imposing way. Written by Umera Ahmed and directed by Nadeem Siddique, the drama exquisitely inquires about the free will and voice of choice of women in our society. Whether they belong to an extremely rich and educated family or an underprivileged illiterate kin, this world of men have always tried to control and demolish their right to sustain and prevail freely in our society, even if she is independent and responsible for her own bread and butter.

There are countless stories of women suppression which make it to our television screens and print media but many of thousands are untold and unseen, as if they have become a routine thing. Our women have always thrive and struggled to stand high in the society but most men under the false image of their ego, have always oppressed and manipulated them ruthlessly In every dynamics of life, for their own hurtful desires.

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