Ramsha Akmal becomes the third contestant to be eliminated in Miss Veet Pakistan.

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The Miss Veet Pakistan judges Aminah Sheikh, Aisha Khan and TapuJaveri, continued their hunt for the girl who could sweep away the title of Miss Veet Pakistan 2016. Tension ran high and pressure was immense as the show progressed into its 7th episode with a thrilling and adventurous challenge to bring the girls out of their comfort zones and to showcase their fitness.

The exciting episode tookus into another dimension of adventure and thrill, where the contestants were divided in teams to take up rafting and cliff jumping challenges under the supervision of 42 Days Challenge founder and eminent fitness trainer of Pakistan, NusratHidayatullah. The contestants undertook these nerve-racking challenges and gave their best shot to impress the judges and get one step closer to winning the ultimate title of Miss Veet Pakistan 2016.

“It was a great pleasure to be a part of the show. Miss Veet Pakistan is definitely the finest platform for these young girls who aspire to become an inspiration for others in the future, and I wish them the best of luck for their transformation journey with Veet”, shared Nusrat Hidayatullah.

Finally, the 7th episode approached its end with judges deciding the fate of 10 remaining contestants of Miss Veet Pakistan. The tension was palpable as judges gave their verdict with the elimination of Ramsha Akmal, a talented contestant from Karachi. Her dream to win the title of Miss Veet Pakistan came to an end with this elimination, however, this might not be the end of her journey if the public votes for her and decides to bring her back. Voting lines are now open for Ramsha Akmal.


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