HUM TV’s Ramzan special drama serial “SUNO CHANDA”

Suno Chanda Title still

The story of HUM TV’s Ramzan special unfolds in a lively household and revolves around two cousins and a husband and wife to be – Arsal and Ajiya who cannot stand each other. Being part of a strong joint family structure, Arsal and Ajiya got engaged under pressure of their families to honour the last wish of their grandfather who is on his deathbed. Preparations are in full swing, wedding, venue locked and cards are printed and that’s when Arsal and Ajiya decide to join forces and put an end to this madness.
Their decision leads to fights between the families, often cute and at times traumatic, characters and relations are put in a painful scenario. Realizing their mistake, they embark on a mission to bring their families back together but the scars are too deep to heal quickly. Their innocent efforts turn the play into an emotional roller coaster ride with the perfect blend of family drama, intense, funny and exciting situations that are sure to make you cry and laugh with the characters.
Starting from: 17th May 2018 (Everyday from 1st Ramzan)
Written by: Saima Akram Chaudhry
Directed by: Ahsun Talish
Produced by: Momina Duraid Productions
Cast: Farhan Saeed, Iqra Aziz, Samina Ahmed, Farhan Ali Agha, Farah Shah, Tipu Shareef, Nabeel Zuberi, Mashal Khan, Nadia Afghan, Mohammad Ahmed and others.
Time: After Iftar (Every Day)




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