Midline Dissemination of Sukh Initiative!

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A seminar titled ‘Sukh Initiative – Progress through sharing, we move forward together’ was held at a local hotel in Karachi. This seminar was organized by Sukh Initiative, a multi-donor funded, family planning project serving one million under served population in peri-urban areas of Karachi, Sindh. Results of Midline Evaluation of this project was shared with diverse audience which included Family Planning experts, Government dignitaries and civil society representatives.
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The Sukh Initiative is Pakistan’s first urban family planning project launched in November 2013 with assistance from The Aman Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and The David and Lucile Packard Foundation. The project goal is to increase prevalence of modern contraceptives by 15 percentage points, from the baseline, in selected one million, under served peri-urban population of Karachi, Sindh. The project has successfully completed its 4 years of implementation and have demonstrated remarkable results by achieving 9 out of fifteen percentage of modern contraceptive prevalence rate in selected areas of Korangi; Landhi; Bin Qasim; and Malir.
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While presenting Technical review of the project, Dr. Haris Ahmed, Chief of Party – Sukh Initiative appreciated support of Health Department, and Government of Sindh for a momentous decision to allow LHWs to provide first dose of 2 month Family Planning Injection (of Depo Provera) after training and supervision. This is a concrete contribution to FP2020 goals. He further commented, “I am honored to lead this unique project which actively engages and connects demand generation, service delivery, youth engagement, system strengthening and sustain-ably. With a focus on peri-urban areas in Karachi, it is essential to engage communities by acknowledging their culture, providing access and holding their hands to progress to next level of well-being. I am grateful to our supporters, Government stakeholders and our implementing partners for their commitment to make Sukh an inspiration for Family Planning projects in Pakistan.”
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Dr.Yasmeen Qazi, Senior Country Adviser, David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Pakistan commented,“This project is yet another value addition to women empowerment and increased access to Family Planning services in Pakistan.Access to and provision of quality health care services is the key that can transform the population issues. We are hopeful that projects like Sukh Initiative will significantly contribute to FP2020 goals in Pakistan.”
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The event consisted presentations and interactive panel discussions highlighting fundamental elements of Family Planning including Community Mobilization, Improving Access and Quality of Family Planning Services and System strengthening. Critical issues, challenges and best practices were also discussed. Dr. Talib Lashari, Technical Adviser CIP, Dr. Ghulam Hussain Shaikh – PC, KHW program and Dr. Alia Ali – NCMNH also shared their insight during the panel discussion.
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Addressing the audience Dr. Saadia Quraishy, Trustee – The Aman Foundation said: “I am delighted to see our faith in this project has been reflected through such remarkable results. This is indeed another step for women empowerment and better quality of life. Sukh’s model will serve as a guide line to strengthen Family Project in Pakistan.”
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Key highlight of this event was the MoU signing between Sukh Initiative and Jhpiego. Whereby, Sukh committed to support for upgrading 10 Labor rooms of public facility being managed by Jhpiego. This is yet another contribution by Sukh to provide quality family planning and reproductive health services.
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Lutaf Mangrio, Head of Operations, Sukh Initiative presented project details. He shared that “Sukh Initiative promotes Family Planning and well being of selected communities in Karachi. Through our dedication and innovate approaches we have demonstrated a successful model which is both scalable and sustainable. By sharing our best practices we aim to add value to the health sector of Pakistan.”
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Dr. Fazlullah Pechuho – Secretary Health, remarked about the importance of Sukh Initiative, “Sukh has actively engaged all key stakeholders along with mobilizing community to achieve its goals. Such innovative projects serve as a role model for health care services. We acknowledge Sukh’s efforts for up gradation of Labour rooms, training LHWs to administer First Dose of Injection and other impact full approaches. The Health Department is committed to scale up best practices of Sukh Initiative to strengthen FP services.”
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Arshad Saeed Hussain – CEO, Aman Health Care Services reflected on the project’s success, “It is heartening to see the success of the Sukh Initiative. The collaborative efforts of Sukh along with diverse portfolio of partner organizations is creating impact with sustainable solutions. With the continued support of our stakeholders across multiple levels, I am confident that this program will make an indelible mark in health sector of Pakistan.”
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The seminar concluded with encouragement and appreciation from all stakeholders and participants for Sukh’s valuable contribution to Health Sector in Pakistan.
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Additional information about Sukh Initiative:

Sukh Initiative is committed to provide FP related information, counselling, supplies, referrals and quality services to women of reproductive age residing in selected communities. Additionally, project also focuses on youth, to sensitize them on reproductive health and to be a responsible adult. The project is being implemented by a consortium of six national and international organizations and a measurement partner for impact evaluation. Program management Unit, housed at Aman Health Care Services provides the strategic leadership and is the leading coordinating body.
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