Siemens Gamesa hosted its technical seminar in the Pakistan market.


Siemens Gamesa celebrated on November 21st 2017 the technical seminar here today.The newly merged company gathered local stakeholder guests such as developers, IPPs, engineers and consultant companies, investors and institutions, among others. Mr. Miguel Pena Sánchez, Economic & Commercial Attaché of Spanish embassy in Pakistan inaugurated the event. Mr. Agha Wasif, Secretary Energy Dept., Government of Sindh also gave Greeting words.
“By providing best in class wind turbine with competitive price, high level O&M excellence and flexibility of EPC cooperation, Siemens Gamesa is proved to be valuable partner for Pakistan wind projects. We were offered to supply 25 G114 2.0 MW Wind Turbine Generators for Zephyr Power (Pvt.) Limited. The project is located in Gharo, Thatta District. Siemens Gamesa has achieved a new milestone in its Asian strategy with its maiden order in Pakistan.” says Mr. Alvaro Bilbao, CEO of Siemens Gamesa in APAC.
Siemens Gamesa Pakistan delegation led by Mr. Alvaro Bilbao, 4th from the right
During the event, Siemens Gamesa showed its wind turbine product portfolio, specifically the turbine G114-2.0 MW which has emerged a standard-bearer in the sector thanks to its low power density model. This model is designed to yield more power athigh temperature and dust condition such as those typically found at Pakistan wind sites. Siemens Gamesa has installed more than 4,058 MW of this model in markets as diverse as Portugal, Brazil, the US, Sweden and Italy, Thailand.
On 22nd Nov, Mr. Alvaro Bilbao gave the key note on Pakistan 2nd Wind Power Summit on Wind Power industry and the technology trend. Wind energy is the best possible clean and low cost renewable resources available in the Pakistan. The potential, for the use of alternative technologies, has never been fully explored in Pakistan. Siemens Gamesa a global leader in the energy sector in collaboration with Orient Power Pakistan is set to redefine the future of wind energy in Pakistan.

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