Safe Shelter, Clean water for all.

Group of all the participants who attended the successful launch of 1000 green shelters program at Makli

The launch of 1000 green shelters programme, which aims to reach out to disadvantaged communities under Heritage Foundation’s initiative of “Safe Shelter, Clean water for all’ took place here in Makli Goth, Thatta. The event also marked the closing of the four-day workshop on Zero Carbon, for senior students of architecture that took place at Zero Carbon Cultural Centre (ZC3).
Yasmeen Lari addressing the spectators about the Pakistan Chulah
The green shelters programme will be facilitated through the Zero Carbon Cultural Centre(ZC3) that has been set up by Heritage Foundation at Makli, from where prefabricated panels for construction of shelters and eco-toilets along with other necessities for an improved quality of life will be provided free of any monetary cost. The methodology relies on the motto ‘Doing something for others does something good for you too’. Hence all beneficiaries have to agree to provide voluntary work equivalent to number of days at one day per Rs 500 of cost of gift, for the benefit of the community.
The residents of Makli attending the program for the initiative of Safe shelter, water for all.
The workshop for students of architecture studying in Sindh and Balochistan was conducted with the collaboration of PCATP (Pakistan Council of Architects and Town planners) and INTBAU (International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism), Pakistan chapter, at ZC3, Makli Goth. The mentors of the workshop included Ms. Master Nilofur, INTBAU Pakistan Chapter members Ar. Yasmeen Lari, Ar. Tariq Qaisar, Ar. Plnr. Sadia Fazli, Ar. Ghazala Naeem and Naheem Shah.
The launch of 1000 green shelters programs at the Makli Goth.
Organised by Heritage Foundation in collaboration with STARLINKS PR and Events as part of their CSR initiatives, the launch which was heavily attended by members of media as well as environmentalists saw an early start to the day with all gathering at Karachi Press Club and arriving at Makli Goth in coasters. The Welcome Address was given by Ms Shanaz Ramzi, CEO STARLINKS PR and Events and Board Member of Heritage Foundation of Pakistan after which a presentation on Sustainable Barefoot Stewardship was shown to all present. Ms Ramzi further threw light on the project and its aims to construct1000 shelters, 250 raised water hand pumps, 500 eco-toilets, 1000 Pakistan chulahs, 1000 Raised platforms 500 solar water racks and 20 women’s Centers through the programme.
Safe shelter, Water for all and Green shelter programs' progress on display for the spectators.
Ms Safeeyah Moosa CEO, Spiritual Chords S.Africa then spoke about the water hand pumps component being funded by them and expanding Heritage Foundation’s Flood-resilient Zero Carbon Shelters (Lari Octa Green) to South Africa.
Ms. Shanaz Ramzi presenting to the audience about the life of people living in Makli
This was followed by a fun-filled interaction with the people belonging to the marginalized communities of the area. . Certificates were then awarded by Vice-Chairman, PCATP and member INTBAU Pakistan Chapter to the students of the workshop. A photography session was inaugurated by D.G., Department of Culture and Government of Sindh, which was followed by a display of the local women’s Kashi craft products which has helped them to attain a regular livelihood.
On hand were Heritage Foundation’s Barefoot Entrepreneurs: Kareema, once a beggar woman, now a kashi crafter, and Champa, the idol award winner and the builder of 25,000 Pakistan Chulahs.

After a short lunch break, everyone visited the Makli Kashi Atelier, set up in collaboration with UNESCO World Heritage Centre and the 16th century monuments –tombs of Sultan Ibrahim, Amir Sultan and Mirza Jan Baba – at Makli necropolis, restored by Heritage Foundation, where the media took pictures. All in all, it was a unique experience for both the guests and the local community.

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