More laughter is heard day after the release of “Railroad Tigers”


More laughter is heard day after the release of “Railroad Tigers”
Jackie Chan, Huang Zitao and Wang Kai shock the world by blowing up a bridge
They are greatly admired by young people
‘I thought it would be funny, but it’s so much funnier than I expected! It’s a big surprise in the Christmas season.’ ‘Laughter is heard throughout the movie. This is what a Christmas film should be like!’ ‘It feels like a classical Jackie Chan action comedy. Every humble person shows his unique characteristics. The special effects are brilliant, and the plot is funny. Definitely a great family entertainment.’ A day after Railroad Tigers was released positive reviews and feedback have been spreading even wider as the super funny storytelling totally captures young people’s hearts. All the major box-office charts reveal that Railroad Tigers has been receiving higher and higher ratings from young audiences, and there is no doubt that it is the most popular film of the year among young moviegoers.
Railroad Tigersis not only funny but also packed with cutting-edge special effects. ‘The tank is actually CGI! And the explosion is CGI! … is CGI too!’ The CGI looks so real that the audiences find it incredible. In the featurette on special effects released today, how the train clash scene was created is unveiled to the viewers for the first time. In order to make the images look more real, director Ding Sheng chose to use a model of one fourth of the size of the original train, and it is a collaboration between eleven companies, which took them a whole year to complete. They created 2400 shots with special effects to accomplish this impossible mission, and thevisual impact of the train clash and the explosion is so powerful that it absolutely shocks the audiences.
A brilliant cast that catches young people’s eyes
“Railroad Tigers” has become a must-see movie amongst friends
Who says young people don’t like classics? ‘It’s not clichéd at all. It feels like a manga.’ ‘The cast is fantastic as a whole. One can tell that Huang Zitao has put in so much effort into practising martial arts as he fights so elegantly.’ ‘Ordinary people are the real heroes.’ The humorous and self-deprecating tone adopted in Railroad Tigers makes the movie enormously popular with young audiences. The three hottest pop idols, Huang Zitao, Wang Kai and Wang Ta Lu, gather together, and some say that the group of actors that Jackie Chan cast are a great mix of gentlemanly and wicked beautiful young men. Even it is such a masculine action comedy, it wins the hearts of female viewers.
‘The audiences scream with excitement when Wang Kai appears on horseback; the audiences scream with excitement again when Wang Kai drives the tank; the audiences scream even louder with excitement when Wang Kai shoots.’ On the first day of the release, ‘Wang Kai, cool!’ immediately becomes the most searched phrase on the Internet. Comments like ‘Wang Kai looks so cool when he is riding the horse and shooing. The saying, ‘my lover is a great hero’, just got into my head.’ Phrases such as ‘Huang Zitao singing’ and ‘Wang Kai, hand’ rapidly become the hottest topics in the chat rooms.
Eruptions of laugher! A typical Jackie Chan action comedy
A must-see movie! The only family entertainment in holiday season
‘You get so nervous at one moment, and then you burst out laughing at the next. It’s a genuine Jackie Chan action comedy packed with funny acts.’ Nevertheless, working with Ding Sheng brings innovation to the action choreography revolving around the train. ‘The fights on the top of the train really gripped me.’ ‘It appears to be a war movie, but it’s a Jackie Chan comedy at heart. Using the fast-travelling train as the backdrop, the fighting styles have been innovated.’ The group of young actors are praised for their talent for comedy. ‘Every cell in Huang Zitao’s body is a comedian itself.’
‘Every time when I take my parents to see a film in the cinema, I have to choose very carefully. As soon as we notice that Railroad Tigers is a Jackie Chan movie, we definitely have to see it. Everyone in my family is a big fan of Jackie Chan.’ ‘In short, this movie gives kids a history lesson. It makes couples relax and the elderly reminisce about the past. Moreover, it satisfies those girls who adore the young pop idols.’ As the only family entertainment in the holiday season, the fact that the whole family go to see Railroad Tigerstogether becomes one of the most noticeable phenomena. ‘It makes you feel so relaxed. Everyone in the family finds something that interests himself on the screen, and that’s the magic power of Jackie Chan movies.’
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