Radio FM 91 comes back with their trademark show ‘Dost Kya Scene Hai’


Radio FM91 has always represented itself as the voice of the youth. It has made a mark in millions of hearts and minds of the young generation across Pakistan.Radio FM 91 is set to bring in all new music, more sounds, with an amazing RJ in town.

VJ/RJ Dino Ali is back to the radio scene after a long time with a lively and energetic sound, and he is sure to make an electrifying comeback. Dino Ali who rose to fame with his stints on music channels such as Indus Music (later on MTV Pakistan) but was equally remarkable with his work on radio.

The man is coming back home to the airwaves of FM91, RJ Dino with his trademark show “Dost Kya Scene Hai?” Dino Ali shared ”I have been away but now it’s time for some fun as I have been missing my days of being an RJ and the love from all my fans, I am excited and can’t wait to say “Dostkya scene hai!”

The show promises to fill you with energy and refresh your mind with interesting topics, great music and to give you a round-up of everything entertaining & more!

From Thursday to Saturday 10PM to Midnight to tickle your funny bone so make sure you tune in!

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