Review: Qareeb Qareeb Singlle


By Atiq Inayat (GDE)

I would not call it a master pieces but yet something so beautiful all the film makers can learn from. Learn from the beauty of its script and characters you start liking very much and want them to win desperately, the ultimate function of the characters in every story. Irfan Khan once again proves that you don’t need a lot of budget, commercialism and grand dance sequences to make a good film, “all you need is a story that touches audience in the heart”, no wonder he is one of the biggest priorities when Hollywood wants an Indian actor.
I would first like to discuss the script. Not for teenagers but then again a script that kept us laughing every five minutes, entertainment with depth, something I consider the true mark of a good story. Irfan khan’s character was so beautifully written, witty and entertaining in every dialogue; I rarely see a character written with so much care in Bollywood. Jia (the protagonist) was good, though it’s hard to be in the lime light when you are with Irfan, specially breaking the 4th wall and making a connection with the audience was also a good treatment. With a very few glitches, which almost are in every film, it is a beautiful entertaining journey of two engaging humans. In short everyone had a smile as they left, I can bet it touched and amused every one.
Technically, only what was need was used, an absolution in economy. I would say this is how the films should actually be made. Pure focus on the journey of the character, maybe the makers knew they had a good story and did not need the unnecessary commercialism considered fundamental for the success of a Bollywood film. I would say our Pakistani film makers need to learn and follow these kinds of films rather than trying to emulate the commercial Indian cinema which (according to me) with being unnecessary is heavy on the production too. I would like to applaud the distributors for their wise choice of film, and hope it does great business so that more production houses and distributor can be encouraged to be a part of what I consider pure cinema, pure story telling.
In short, bravo Irfan Khan for giving us such a beautiful story and I hope the other Khans learn story selection from you and Amir khan so we can have more meaningful cinema experience rather than loud, colorful yet shallow commercial flicks. And single or not single, this film is sure to leave you amused and entertained.

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