Popular Design House Farah Talib Aziz Introduces A Variety Of Eid Collections


Popular design house Farah Talib Aziz introduces a range of Eid creations across her coveted line of luxury Pret and a line of capsuleready to wear digital silk kurtas.

The coveted design house luxury Pret and ready to wearcollections will be available at the Farah Talib Aziz Karachi Studio and then in Dubai, Lahore and Islamabad through a variety of Eid Exhibitions. Farah Talib Aziz will be hosting their annual Eid Exhibition on the 28th of May in Karachi at their design studio.Followed by brand exhibiting in Dubai at the Boulevard One. The Lahore exhibit and Islamabad exhibit will take on the 17th and 20th of June at Ensemble Lahore and Ensemble Islamabad.

Farah Talib Aziz luxury pret collection titled Eid is based in the design houses signature summer pastel colors and floral prints and has been inspired by the natural floral and fauna documented through the years in the Victorian and Elizabethan drawings and is available in multiple silhouettes, from fun short length kurtas, to off shoulders and edgy sleeves. The design house ready to to wear line ranges from PKR 12,000 onwards.

This Eid, FTA is all about diversity and accessibility, from our multiple collections to our popular accessories. With our prices starting at PKR 12’000, we look to cater to a larger audience through the variety of exhibitions that we will be hosting. Further, given that Eid falls within summer this year and combined with client demand, we have specially designed cotton based capsule collection between some of our signature motifs along with more recent influences

Farah-Talib-Aziz Farah-Talib-Aziz-Eid-Collection Farah-Talib-Aziz-Eid-Collection-1 Farah-Talib-Aziz-Eid-Collection-2 Farah-Talib-Aziz-Eid-Collection-3 Farah-Talib-Aziz-Eid-Collection-4 Farah-Talib-Aziz-Eid-Collection-5 Farah-Talib-Aziz-Eid-Collection-6 Farah-Talib-Aziz-Eid-Collection-7 Farah-Talib-Aziz-Eid-Collection-8 Farah-Talib-Aziz-Eid-Collection-10 Farah-Talib-Aziz-Eid-Collection-11 Farah-Talib-Aziz-Eid-Collection-12 Farah-Talib-Aziz-Eid-Collection-13 Farah-Talib-Aziz-Eid-Collection-14

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