The music album of “Pari” has been released.

Pari Music Launching Photo

The music of Director Syed Atif Ali’s horror film Pari has been launched. It was honored by the special presence of the music legend Ustad Freed Ayaz Qawal. The cast of the film Saleem Meraj, Junaid Akhtar, Azeeka Daniel, Child Star Maheen Khushi, Faiq Asim, Director Syed Atif Ali, Co Writer Muhammad Ahsan, Music Director Masood Alam and Poet Shamim Bazil launch the music album and distributed the CDs among the audiences. The event was also graced by the mesmerizing live performance of singers of the movie.
Syed Atif Ali


There are five songs in the film.

Pari will be released on 2nd February.

The Director Syed Atif Ali revealed that there are five songs in the film which are sung by Sonia Hayam, Wajih Uddin Meer, Mishal Zedi, Ahsan Iqbal and Sejal Naqvi and the songs like Ye jo tum hona, Khaki badan, Dadi amma kehti hain, Ali mola and Heef siyah raat have reached popularity before the film’s release. Pari will be released Nationwide on Friday 2nd February 2018 under the banner of Filmica Pictures and Metro Live.

Pari Music Launching Photo

Ustad Fareed Ayaz Qawal

Shamim Bazil Naghma Nigar

Muhammad Ahsan Host

Maheen Khushi




Azika Deniel and Junaid Akhter

Ali Hyder of 8XM channel

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