Pakistan Society for Training and Development celebrates its semi-centennial anniversary with a musical evening with Salman Alvi


This Saturday saw Pakistan Society for Training and Development celebrate its semi-centennial anniversary with a well-organized dinner and musical evening at Movenpick Hotel, Karachi.

The evening was filled with networking and joie de viere celebrating half a century of work done by the society towards promotion of learning, development and training. The welcome address was given by Aamir Niazi, president PSTD. After Mr. Niazia profound and thought provoking speech was given by Iffat Mujeeb the daughter of the founder of PSTD. Herspeech was followed by a video montage highlighting the history and body of work by the society over the past 50 years. On this momentous occasion awards were given out in recognition to the various members of PSTD and partner organizations who have helped the society over the years in its endeavours. Among the honourees were SUPARCO, K-Electric, Pakistan Petroleum, GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan, ICI Pakistan, Bank Alfalah, Pakistan State Oil, Dr. Hanif, Aasim Alee, MeenaVali, Rubina Jamal, Tahir Barlas, Azhar Iqbal Mir, Khalid Osmany, S.K. Mehdi, Haneef Sheikh, Ali Khurram Pasha, Shahzad Ahsan, HinaAlvi, Col (ret) Masood Siddiqui, Nisar A. Memon, Salman Burney and AamirNiazi.

The evening concluded with a dinner and an enthralling musical night courtesy maestro Salman Alvi, leaving everyone looking forward to PSTD’s next milestone.

Aamir-Niazi-President-PSTD-Delivering-his-welcome-address-1 Dr.Muzna-Ibrahim-the-host-of-the-wonderful-evening Iffat-Mujeeb-the-daughter-of-the-founder-of-PSTD Salman-Alvi-captivating-the-audience-at-PSTD-50-year-celebration Salman-Alvi Team-Starlinks-L-R-Turab-Ali-Ramzi-Mina-Ramzi-Shanaz-Ramzi-Mustafa-Afreedi-Mohammad-Assani 50-year-celebration-cake Team-PSTD-and-recognition-award-recipients

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