Omega Introduced Newest Brand Ambassador in “Her Time” Exhibition.

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OMEGA has officially opened its “Her Time” exhibition in Paris at the historic Hôtel de Sully. The opening night event in the French capital was the perfect celebration for the brand’s history of exquisite women’s timepieces. As an added highlight for guests, OMEGA also welcomed Cindy Crawford along with her children, Kaia and Presley, who have recently been announced as the brand’s newest ambassadors.
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Having joined OMEGA in 1995, Cindy Crawford is one of OMEGA’s closest friends and has been a renowned figure in the brand’s advertising and events for over 20 years. To begin the opening of the exhibition in Paris, Cindy appeared onstage with OMEGA’s President and CEO, Raynald Aeschlimann.

Speaking to guests, Mr. Aeschlimann said: “OMEGA’s women’s watches reveal some of the most beautiful designs in our history. There is so much variety and artistry, and I’m so proud to bring this exhibition to Paris, which is one of the world’s homes of fashion. Of course, to also be here with Cindy and her family is a special privilege and thrill.”
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Having already been showcased in Milan, Moscow, Shanghai and Sydney, the “Her Time” exhibition displays OMEGA’s evolution of women’s timepieces and changing styles, from early Lèpine pendants and the iconic Ladymatic, through to “secret jewellery watches” and today’s latest creations. The watches are also complemented by examples of vintage artwork and classic OMEGA advertising, all of which show women in a variety of lifestyles and fashions throughout the years.
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Mr. Aeschlimann said: “Kaia and Presley represent the next generation of watch wearers. They are good looking, motivated, inspirational and full of energy. It’s incredible to have such a passionate family tradition within our brand and I’m so excited to begin working with these two young people.”
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