Nigar Film Awards revived in a bang after a long hiatus!

Shanaz Ramzi

A grand press Conference was held here today at a local hotel to announce the dates for the 47th Nigar Awards. These awards, which had been the sole representative of the country’s film awards for nearly seven decades and had been initiated by Mr. Ilyas Rashidi, the founder of Nigar Weekly, have now been revived by his son, Aslam Ilyas Rashidi.
Sahir Lodhi
The press conference was a star-studded gathering depicting the grandeur and class one could expect from the forthcoming awards. The date for the Nigar Film Awards was announced, which is scheduled to take place in Karachi on March 16. This was announced through a showreel, which traced the journey of Nigar Awards through these seven decades.
Asim Raza
The show was hosted by senior journalist, Shanaz Ramzi, who has been affiliated with the film industry since her childhood and who is a committee member of the Nigar Awards. Among the other speakers on the occasion wasKashif Warsi, MD Nigar Awards who threw light on the preparations that have gone behind these 47th Awards. The other speaker was Fahad Sherwani, show director, who also spoke about the Awards.
Ghulam Mohiuddin
The final speaker of the evening was Aslam IlyasRashidi, the flag-bearer and custodian of Nigar Awards who spoke about his father and his personal commitment to this project.
Naveen Ramish, Fahad Sherwani, & Tipu Sharif
Celebrities from the world of showbiz who were present at the occasion were then requested to come to the stage and air their views. They all laud the efforts of Rashidi and offered him their full support.
The floor was then opened to questions and answers. A high tea followed and brought the enjoyable evening to an end.
It may be noted that for the first time in Pakistan partner satellite channel, terrestrial channel, FM radio and music channels will telecast the awards simultaneously. Nigar Awards would like to pay tribute to all the people of the team, both off-screen and on-screen, who have been involved in making these awards possible. The names of the partners of Nigar Awards will be announced soon.

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