Screening of Pak movies in Saudi Arabia encouraging, Khalid Bin Shaheen, Chairman film censors board Sindh


The Chairman Film Censor Board Khalid Bin Shaheen has appreciated Saudi Information Minister’s decision to allow Pakistani films in Saudi Arabia’s cinema halls.

In his exclusive interview with ‘National Courier’ Khalid Bin Shaheen said Pakistani film industry has revived and Pakistani producers are making very good films which can easily compete any Indian films that are being imported to Pakistan for exhibitions. In fact our recently released four films have performed far better than most of the imported films, Shaheen said.

Replying to various questions Khalid Bin Shaheen informed that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have signed an accord to screen movies and TV shows being produced in each other’s country. Fawad Chaudhry, Federal Minister for Information Broadcasting, and his Saudi counterpart Dr Awad bin Saleh, finalized the arrangement between the two countries last week in Islamabad.

He said the move is being considered as an attempt to strengthen social and cultural ties between the two nations. Both the countries hope to build the relations stronger. While the cultural pact will also enable Pakistani and Saudi actors and actresses to build up a fan base outside their own countries.


KBS said Pak Film Industry is a significant revenue generation industry and we must urge the overseas Pakistanis to invest. He stated that this is a big development from Pakistan point of view. Since I have been watching all the Indian and English movies, I found them substandard compared to Pakistani movies.

Replying to a question he said since Karachi has played an important role for production of new movies and industry’s revival, it must be given due role for censor of the movies to facilitate its film producers and directors. Sindh Censor Board must be given due importance just like the Mumbai and Hollywood boards Karachi must be facilitated for its censorship facilities instead of sending them to Islamabad, he added.

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