HSY set to open the 10th Edition of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2017: Presenting “Paranoia”


Pakistan’s iconic couturier HSY is set to open PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2017 with the brands S/S Luxury Pretcollection titled Paranoia.
With ‘Paranoia’, HSY in inspiration draws on thelife and times of the young technology driven new generation of today and through fashion spins a narrative on the digital reality ofthis generation, whose lives play out largely online and how this very public condition of forever being watched and seen, induces a state of paranoia. His collection is then an exploration and statement against this paranoidway of life and all of its trappings.
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Within this collection and as a definitive part of the HSY Mentorship Program, HSY has worked to bring the spheres of young art and seasoned fashion together. To this end, hebrings to the limelight the work of two young, emerging artists in Pakistan: Asma Butt &Ehsen Lynch whereby both artists have worked to translate their respective interpretations of different kind of Paranoiacs as experienced by human beings. Their work has been translated into specific fashion separates.
This collection will feature both menswear and women wear pieces. All motifs and accessories for the collection are all made in Pakistan by Team HSY using local materials and artisans.
The collection’s general aesthetic is summer luxe and relaxedand is based in luxury fabrics such as hand woven silks and organza. The collection will present a diverse range of items such as capes, men’s suiting shirts done for women, palazzo pants and jumpsuits all created to retail as separates as well.
‘Paranoia’ Collection will be available for retail by the end of April 2017.


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