42Day Challenge Celebrates A Healthy Living

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On last Friday Karachi witnessed “The Forty Two Day Challenge” at the Organic Health Lifestyle a summer festival packed with health and fitness driven activities. It is a first unilateral health platform in Pakistan where local business ranging from a farmers market, eateries, fitness programs, gyms and clinical services have come together to create a unique summer festival. The event will continue till 15th May, 2016. The purpose of this activity is to offer major motivation & killer workouts with loads of fun.

The all day festival offered a diverse range of fun fitness activities. The highlights of the event on first day were ice bucket challenge, fun filed workouts, live music, motivational talks, live cooking stations. To mix fitness with fun, a fitness concert by Torsam, later in the evening, saw the crowd grooving to the pulsating music.

Forty Two Day Challenge features a wide range of activities, performances& talks which offer visitors the chance to take part in the fitness challenges to winmultiple surprises such as winning around trip to Turkey, the following activities are scheduled for next 2 days ,makeup meet beauty with Nabila, sportswear stall by Triumph,live performance by Mooroo,hosting segment by Danish Ali, Health talks &tips, Nutrition and Fitness, live cooking shows sponsored by wheatable, ice bucket challenge and many more!

The challenge is open to everyone – from obese to skinny, from old to young, from people wanting to lose weight to people who just want to become toned. The program is not like your standard gym where you’re standing in a corner and doing your workout by yourself. It’s an entire community that motivates each other to keep going on the road to become healthy and fit. Another important aspect of the challenge is the customized diet plan that does not follow a one-plan-fits-all approach but instead is customized to each body type. ,” Nusrat said while talking to media at the event.

According to Torsam, the problems with most diet plans out there are the ingredients and foreign dishes that locals are not unaccustomed to. Hence, we focus on dishes that are regularly made at home like Kebabs, Keema, Roti and even Pulao / Biryani but are adjusted according to a person’s fat, protein and carb quantities.

Event was attended by socialites, media& celebrities. Official PR representation of 42Day Challenge is Phegency PR.

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